Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello Spring ?

I found it waaay too hard to get myself out of bed at 5am for the Regular Daisy Hill Wednesday Morning Ride today. Its not that I didn't want to ride or to catch up with the guys. It is just that I need to try putting my body back onto a normal footing sleep-wise while I am on holidays. I found in the last month or so that working earlys, followed by lates, with the odd back of the clock wedged in sideways that I felt like the walking dead. So, this two weeks is being dedicated to getting liberal servings of sleep at normal hours, as well as a great ride or three.

Patting the family on the head and sending them out to the salt mines/school, I was wondering what use I could put this outstanding winters day to. Yesterday was a day of much gardening so today should be a day of much cycling. Balance is the key!

Kitting up I decided to head out toward Redland Bay to have a look at the old trails that have been given some TLC by the trail fairies. I decided to take a different route today. Part of my regular road bike route would lead me into the trails.

One of the reasons was so I could photograph this old house. I have done countless rides past it but must have been in the pain cave on each of them as I have never noticed it before last week. It is just crying out to be photographed in the early morning light, but that will have to wait until I am back on the hamster wheel.

Just one year ago the approach to Bayview was along a narrow fire trail, across a creek via a slippery, mossy fallen tree, then more fire trail to the entrance. That is all gone now, under hundreds of new Lego-Land dwellings. While I found the original fire trail emanating from the back of the housing estate, the cosy little creek crossing is long gone. Progress I am told.

Into the single track and the arm warmers came off almost immediately. Since it stopped raining the weather has been very pleasant. Today was feeling most tropical and I am wondering if we are in for an early Spring?

Through the usual trails and then I was off hunting the Shark's Tail Trail. I hadn't ridden this since January 2010 and that hiatus indicates what I though of it then. Now though, apart from one boggy spot, it is a pleasure to wind through. Feeling like you are in a living tunnel, the trail isn't too tight as it's heritage was originally a dirt bike track.

I deliberately had the map page up on my GPS today. That meant there would be no stats. No "how far have I gone". No clock watching either. I just stopped when I was hungry. I wandered around and explored interesting looking trails and didn't stress if they went nowhere. This being on holidays is pure gold! I highly recommend it!

I rode the Maze next. Last time I rode it we took about an hour to get through as we had to basically cut our way through. Today there is a 2-3m wide trail. It looks like someone drove a small tractor with a slasher along the trail. No issues with getting whipped in the face by undergrowth now. Shame really.

Heading back toward the main entrance, there is a trail called i0. It is only short but the forest through here is the most interesting, feeling like something from Jurassic Park, or Rotorua.

I was looking out for Newman here. The ferns have almost reclaimed this old Daihatsu jeep, with it only just visible off the trail side.

I love all the ferns through here.

i0, Bayview from Davey Crocket on Vimeo.

Climbing out through Blow, Fluffer and Vegemite I was soon on Valley Way and winging my way to the little shop at Mt Cotton. I was famished by this stage. Having no bananas in the house I was reduced to some nuts and a couple of gels to get me this far with the carrot being a banana(if that makes sense?). Much to my disappointment, NO BANANAS!  "The bloke is running late and should be here soon" was the response. Plan B was several Snickers bars. Yum, I was happy to roll with Plan B as Snickers are becoming my trail snack of choice lately. Great taste and they seem to keep me going for a while.

While munching on said sweet poison I was checking out the local notice board. How did I miss "Bender 6"? They probably would not have let me in due to the "No Shitheads" clause!

From here I climbed up to Mt Cotton Rainforest Gardens. I noticed a large "For Sale" sign out the front and hoped that this route up the eastern side of Mt Cotton isn't about to close. Major pain in the arse if it does. There would be no reason to climb up for this view over Moreton Bay either. It never ceases to amaze me how much rain falls in the bay while we are dry just a few miles inland.

Just near the honesty box, inside the gate, was a magnificent display of Poinsettia.

I loitered here for a minute or two while sucking down another gel and some water. The climb through the gardens is absolute Granny Gear territory for me.

Once at the top of the climb I felt the need for a brisker pace and gave up on my plan for a lap of the Karingal track, partly because two guys were standing at the gate and partly because my legs were starting to tell me that the 7km(4.5mi) track was 7km I really didn't need today.

So, I just put my head down and pedalled for home via Daisy Hill. I hit up a small amount of single track in Daisy then headed home via Wallum Froglet in Cornubia. I decided to hit WF as fast as my legs would take me, mashing the pedals on the short, mid descent climb and leaving the brakes alone for the down-bits. This netted me 3rd overall for WF on Strava! And on a hardtail at that.

 After 66km(41mi) and 1150m(3700ft) of climbing I must have been warmed up sufficiently!!

Rolling into the garage I felt that familiar tinge of fatigue, accompanied by some leg soreness and a huge smile. Ahhh sweet pain. It is but temporary.

Sure beats working......


  1. Feel the burn......

    Funny how great places and trees gets mowed down in the name of progress. More pop-up subdivisions.

    Great pictures. I can almost smell the forest and the trees. But no bananas, how rude. We had to go without bananas all weekend while riding in cowboy country and were sure happy to have one again today.

    1. We will be doing an RV road trip in September, so I am getting the feeling that we will need to stock up on real food while travelling through Utah, Wyoming and Montana back country. Is this a fair assesment?

  2. Sounds like an amazing day :)

    And I agree with you - Snickers Bars are great food to take on a ride - especially on a cold day.

    I'd love to see the track log of your ride. If I'm ever riding on the south side I wouldn't mind checking it out.

    1. Thanks Neil. I will put the gps link in the post. Feel free to use it for a look around.


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