Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cobwebs In The Closet

Well, maybe not the closet but definitely in the shed! On a recent trip to visit my folks in country New South Wales I was invited (requested) to clean out the old motorbike shed.


With a mix of dread and wonder I eventually ventured down to open the door. The dread was knowing what a bit over 20 years of dust would look like and the wonder at what was actually in the shed. It had been a very long time since anything in there had turned a wheel under it's own power and quite frankly, I have mostly forgotten what was in there.
Well, I knew this old trooper was in there somewhere, under all of the dust. It is my 1970 Suzuki T250 Post Classic racer. 

Yep, first race and some work needed doing....

I last turned a wheel on it in the 1994 Post Classic Championships at the full GP curcuit at Oran Park Raceway(RIP). Well, actually I crashed on spilled oil in free practice the day before qualifying then during the warm up lap prior to Race 1 she threw a dodgy circlip off the end of a gudgeon pin and I was suddenly down to just 125cc of the 250cc that was meant to be available.....bugger! 

I drove the 400km home planning all the way how I was going to rebuild her to run on methanol and electronic ignition, not the breaker points and Avgas that I was running.

What happened then was I went back flying for a living. That made sure I had no spare coin to pee up the wall racing, so the little T250 was quietly pushed into the back of the shed......

Fast forward 23 years and as I waded through the dust and cobwebs she was unearthed again. Luckily for me my Dad had thought to cover her up years ago and while in need of a good tub, she actually wasn't too bad. I also have an almost complete road going version of the T250 as well and it had weathered the neglect equally well. This is due to the extremely low humidity in central NSW - a bit like the aircraft boneyards in Tucson.

This was the result after a bit of a scrub up.

After getting a few pictures it was back into the shed, covered with a nice clean sheet and a plastic sheet. Sparing no expense!

Little Bro, Steve was also in town and we laughed at some of his past indiscretions as well. The fairing panel he is holding here was remodelled on Turn 9 at Eastern Creek during a Sunday ride day. He then had to ride it the 400km home to be ready for work on Monday. The things you do when you are young and silly.........or old and...silly.......