Monday, July 16, 2012

Blurring The Line

The first day to dawn bright and clear here in Brisbane for a few weeks was pounced upon by four trail hungry mountain bikers.

We made the drive out to My Joyce as the local trails will be too wet to ride for weeks yet. We were not to be disappointed as the Mt Joyce trails were at that perfect level of moisture content and 'hero dirt" was in evidence throughout the network!

The reason for the ride, apart from curing singletrack withdrawl, was to celebrate Derek's birthday. Happy Birthday Derek!! I think he is like 120 or something but that didn't matter as he has a new bike and we all know you are only as old as the bike you are riding... ;-)

As you can see from the above photo, the Trek Remedy almost pedals itself up the hill, such is it's pedalling efficiancy. You can tell because Derek is smiling and he doesn't smile going up hills. :(

Black Rock was a great place to open the bikes up a bit and have some fun. Troy and Derek were hating every minute of it.

I almost cleaned up a walaby while trying to catch up to the others. I actually got hit by the dirt flicked up by it's feet, thats how close it was.

Some of the thumb tacks thrown in France must have landed on Mt Joyce. Either that or Derek decided on a "rest stop" part way down Black Rock. He is getting on a bit you know...

I am so not going to get invited along in future! He he.....

After rolling along the Gully Trail we hooked back up the hill again. This was done four times in total today and after the first pass of this "blackboy" I just had to stop and get a photo the next time. It is by far the biggest one I have ever seen.

 This being my first MTB ride since the end of June I was starting to feel the climbs. As we were about to roll down Bovine Groove for the last time a guy rolled up on a strange looking bike. It had a downhill look about it but the triangle on the frame was built in. He came up to us and we chatted for a few minutes. It turned out to be an electric mountain bike....or an electric dirt bike with pedals depending on how you wanted to see it.

Weighing 34kg and capable of 60km/h(35mph) I could see the appeal when climbing these hills. But then again, is it just a dirt bike...with an electric motor?

It could be a potential trail shredder in the wrong hands....something else for land managers to lose sleep over and for us MTBers to look like villians again? Time will tell as I think that Stealth are going to sell a shiteload of these things. Blurring the line between bicycle and motor cycle?

Thanks to the guys for a great day out on the bike again. Good company, mountain bikes and perfect weather. It sure beats working for a living.

Cheers guys.


  1. What an awesome day. Nice that you could wake to sunshine on a weekend. Doesn't it usually turn sunny during the week and rain on the weekends? Murphy's Law perhaps?

    Interesting electric mountain bike. I can see how they would be fun to ride but it seems like cheating to me.

    Thanks for sharing the pics and story.

  2. Even better, it was Monday here. Definitely beats working.
    When we saw how fast he went uphill thoughts of "cheating" were sort of pushed to the back of our tired minds! But really, a 34kg(68lb) bike would be a dog compared to our 12kg(24lb) mountain bikes on the way back down the trails and fitness is part of the reason I do it.

  3. neil beat me to it. jelly as hell.

  4. Neil, Andrew - thanks....and suffer in ya jocks :) How good is it that when the local trails are wet, with less than an hour in a car, we can access places like Mt Joyce or OHV and we only saw one other rider all day?


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