Friday, October 15, 2010

Still wet!!

If you were going to have a shoulder reconstruction this is definitely the weather to have it. To Gaz and are not missing much! Heal well and quickly both of you.................and enjoy this from Big Wheel Building. I love this guy's work.

A day in the Whistler alpine. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wet weather dreaming

Just sitting around waiting for the weather to improve I found this beautiful montage on Big Wheel Building.

Marble to Crested Butte, and back, via credit card. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Out on the trails for a quick hit before heading off to work again tomorrow.

How puurrrfffect they were too! Where did all that mud go?

Cornubia was shinning this morning. Here on Jack's Track amoungst the Grasstrees I was doing some web clearing. No not the interwebb, the original type.

Here is a small hitch hiker that I picked up. On the bars is fine, but unfortunately they usually end up strung between my arms as I grip the bars or worse still, on my chest. I only hate spiders slightly less than I hate snakes..........

 'till next time. Follow that singletrack.........

Karingal 4 Hour

Sunday morning dawned cloudy and cold. Well, cold for this time of the year here in Queensland. A quick look outside confirmed what I had been hoping against for several days now. Rain. Lots of it. Bugger. I continued to drag myself around the house, eating some breakfast and thinking that I did not really want to ride around in this weather for four hours. Bloody bugger. I couldn't not turn up either. Being a member of the club and knowing the massive amount of effort the other members had put into track preparation and setup, I HAD to go! "Oh well" I told myself. I am only in the social category today so I will just trundle around and have FUN. The bike that best suited these conditions was my Kona Unit single speed. The words Single Speed and Karingal 4 hour were not to be used in the same sentence as far as I was concerned, but the weather had tipped my hand and out of bicycle preservation I HAD to ride Stanley.

Getting the bike out of the car it proceeded to bucket down again. I still felt like I was moving in slow motion.  Not really wanting to do it. Once down in the start area the other guys from the wednesday morning ride crew were set up under a shelter kindly supplied by Chris. This was very civilized and proved to be the first bright point in the day. Hellos were exchanged and I had dawdled for so long that it was race time already. The rain held off for the pre race brief and all that I heard was that social riders were to start at the rear of the field. No problems. I can do that. So I did. I made sure I was absolutely dead last away. Climbing the first hill I couldn't help myself and passed about twenty riders. They must have been saving themselves for later.
Early on when you could make out the colour of my kit. This didn't last long.

I continued to cruise around chatting to Deano and Chris at varying points. It was very wet but the Maxxis Ignitor on the front wheel was gripping the drowned earth with aplomb and giving oodles of confidence. What wasn't giving quite as much confidence were the brakes. They were fading to nothing, being ground away by the mud. Luckily the BB7s are simple and easy to adjust which I did until the pads were no more.

At least I had some brakes. Chris had lost all rear brakes and had decided to call it quits as Karingal is a track that demands at least a rear brake in these conditions. So Dean0 and I continued to circulate and chat and generally laugh at this absurd situation. That was until I was climbing a steep pinch, standing and putting in the big ones when my chain gave up the ghost, went "ping" and I duly kneed the handlebars about as hard as I could!! Some choice words escaped my lips but luckily no one was around to hear. Shortly after this Dean0 turned up, laughed and commiserated me on "losing" in the Daisy Hill Wednesday Morning Crew bragging rights challenge. Oh well, I was in second place after Chris's retirement, Rich's locking his keys in his car and Dr Geoff and Coaster pulling the pin early that morning. I decided I was going to finish the lap and scootered the flat bits, coasted the downhills and pushed up the climbs. I messed with some other riders minds by pushing up behind them as they struggled to grind away up the hills. I had a chat with Outdoorgaz while he shot photos of the race for our club. Most of these shots here are courtesy of Gaz, so thanks again mate for putting up with the wet to document our stupidity!

The end result was a Nightmare on Elm St scenario for our respective washing machines........yet we were still smiling?

Stanley hates me, but I think he secretly had fun too despite throwing his chain. I gave him a spruce up today with a new front axle, front brake pads, bottom bracket and with a new rear wheel to build as well as new rear brake pads to install.Oh, and a chain! Most of these maintenance items were due anyway, apart from the brake pads.

Thanks to BSMC and For the Riders for a great day out and and awesome prize pack just for turning up!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Junior River Loop

The two weeks of the school holidays have come and now they are almost gone. Unfortunately I have spent most of them away with work and the kids have gone to a vacation sports program. I did however have one free day with the kids. I put it to them. "What would you like to do today?" Ummm.........lets go for a ride!
So a short notice, little leg friendly ride route needed planning. Flat terrain is a must as the kids seem to lose interest very quickly when the trail points upwards. Rivers in Australia have very little drop to them so the logical choice was a loop around the Brisbane River.

We drove to West End for a quiet spot to start and what a glorious day it was. Clear and calm, if a little warm. The track along the river makes me a little nervous due to there being no barrier between an overconfident six year old and a splashdown!

We had a quick stop at Southbank for morning tea where several biscuits met their end and plans were made to bring bathers next time for a quick dip in the lagoon.

We then rode past the Kangaroo Point cliffs, which was new territory for me. While we explored the various shelters along the waterfront a heavy shower crept up on us. We took shelter under a large tree but ended up pretty well soaked. Luckily the warmer weather meant that we weren't uncomfortable for long. Leaving our shelter we happened upon a waterfall cascading over the cliffs. We were definitely in the right place at the right time. Very difficult to drag the kids away from this one.

From here we worked our way around to the Story Bridge and had a bit of a search around for the access to the bridge. Exploring with two small kids in tow is always tricky as you can not put too many unnesessary kilometers into their little legs lest they blow up ten kilometers from the car! So with a bit of road cycling past the Story Bridge Hotel, dodging cement trucks ( I must have looked like a duck trying to herd my ducklings along a busy road) causing more hair loss and greying we found the access ramp to the bridge.

Then a cycle through the lunchtime crowds along the north bank walkway to our lunch stop at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately the gardens were off limits with temporary fencing lining the riverfront, so lunch was eaten sitting on the riverbank. Well I ate. The kids were sucked in by that magical pull bodies of water seem to exert on small humans! So ham and cheese shrapnel was being sprayed in the name of safety. It is very difficult to get the right amount of volume while choking down your lunch.

From here we rode underneath the Riverside Expressway and followed our nose to the access ramp for the Kurilpa Bridge. Surely designed by a blind committee, this bridge has polarised opinion on it's styling. Lets just say in my opinion it beats swimming the river, just don't look up at the tangled mess of it's structure.

Photo borrowed from QLD Public Works Dept.

From here we retraced our tyre tracks to West End and managed to climb into the car just as another heavy shower was passing. The ride had been fun as well as surprisingly long in distance. I was very impressed when I noted the GPS read 19.5km. Well, more proud than impressed. The kids had managed the distance with no whinging (apart from Miss 8 blaming me for her leaving her sunglasses behind in the car) and seemed to have gas left in the tank. It certainly helps when there is plenty of beautiful scenery to take in as well as Chicken Crimpy bikkies and chocolate milk to fuel the legs!
I may not have had much in the way of quantity these holidays, but we made up for it with a quality day out.