Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Second Half Spin.....

Freshly back from Un Zed I had a text from Dean0 asking what I was doing. My answer, "going for a ride" was soon replied to with a "see you soon". Excellent!

My first ride this Financial Year and the first in just over a week. Last week was a total loss with massive days at work and me just trying to stay rested enough to cope with those long, demanding days after my weekend away, so no time for the usual gym spin sessions.

Getting out also gave me a chance to try out my new winter gloves. Winter gloves here in the sub tropics simply mean full fingers. My old full finger dirt bike gloves are showing signs of severe index digit wear (too much nose picking?!?) after about 7 years of service. Some sweet Pearl Izumis from Wellington fit the bill.

There is never an easy ride here in Cornubia but the climb up Wallum Froglet is certainly a pleasant way to warm up. Meeting Dean0 coming the other way we threw together a couple of laps of Cornubia and a few climbs of the hill.

Dean0 was smokin'.

All of that secret training he has been cramming in is certainly paying off.

Some seriously fun climbing(suprisingly, that is NOT an oxymoron) and chewing the fat ensued with more plans being laid for upcoming bike packing trips. Time to break out the maps and start planning the details.

IceBreaker comfort. Gotta love the Merino.....but not literally....!


  1. You can love your merino, just don't looooove your merino. ;-)

    Again, my legs hurt just reading the ride report.

  2. I'm wearing Icebreaker at this very moment! Darned good stuff. Their advertising saying that it can be worn for days and not smell is absolutely true. I did the round NZ in 5 days endurance ride in 2005 wearing the same layer system and I smelt a sight sweeter than the guys who wore polypropylene,haha!

    1. Yes, they are good. Bivouac in Wellington has an outlet store with heavily discounted Icebreaker gear. It was the first place I headed for when we arrived on Friday. The no-stink element is important to a MTBer!


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