Friday, June 10, 2016

The Second Friday Of June - Banff, Canada

Where did the last 12 months go?

 It seems like only yesterday that I was nervously pacing the streets of Banff wondering what the Tour Divide Race would have in store for me. Here we are, 12 months along the road and the streets of Banff are being pounded by many a fretting rookie Divide racer as I type.

Guy Martin has been seen wandering the streets of Banff as well. It isn't often that the words Rookie and Guy Martin can be used in the same sentence! He isn't appearing on the Trackleaders site yet. Maybe a nod to his celebrity status and an attempt at retaining some privacy on his part? Maybe he is running under a pseaudonym? Time will tell.

Dave W and Mick E -2015

There is a great post here on Bikepackers magazine detailing the route, the weather and the riders to look out for in 2016. It covers nearly all you need to know and I highly recommend it as the editor is Neil Beltchenko, 3rd place getter in 2015. He clearly knows his stuff.

To follow along over the next few weeks these are the links you will need -

Trackleaders - The official race tracking site.

Facebook - The official/unofficial page that the racers have been using in their preparations.

MTB Cast - The official site to hear rider call-ins from the trail

Richmond Paek - 2015

I would like to wish all of the Aussie contingent the best of luck this year. There are some strong riders in there and while they might be well prepared, they will also need a dash of good luck into the mix as a 4400km mountain bike ride tends to throw up some curve balls.

Looking over to Fleecer Ridge across the I 15.

So, 8am Friday the 10th of June in Banff (midnight Aust. East Coast Time) isn't far away now. I know where I will be just after midnight tonight and for the next 2-3 weeks!