Monday, August 27, 2018

Return To Mt Glorious

This roster sees me working every weekend which generally sorta sucks. However, to put a positive spin on it, it sees me with weekdays off and six-ish hours each of those week days between family commitments. That can only mean one thing....well, two actually......solo mountain bike rides AND solo motorcycle rides. Yep, working weekends sure does suk!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Getting Out

I took a quick jaunt on the BMW last week to check out some road conditions around the Scenic Rim. It was also time to get some decent kilometres(metric miles) under the wheels!

It is VERY dry here at the moment and I was almost caught out a couple of times with large kangaroos bounding out of the high, dry grass on the sides of the road. The lack of carcases along the roadside lulled me into a false sense of security but in my defence, I have never seen the big Eastern Greys this close in to the coast before. It is usually just the smaller Wallabies. I guess they are looking for something to eat.

The first thing I wanted to do was check out Duck Creek Road. I have ridden this road many times on the mountain bike and have driven it a couple of times as well. April 2017 saw an ex tropical cyclone drift over the south east corner of the state and dump biblical rains. So much so that this volunteer funded road was washed out in a couple of places. Being on steep mountain sides it is beyond volunteer fundraising efforts to have it reconstructed, so Duck Creek rd has been closed since that time.

Since that time I have presumed that it would be traffic-able on my mountain bike but didn't want to go all the way out there only to find that the road had been barricaded off. Well, today I rode in to see what I could see.
What I could see was an entrance road in better shape than I have ever seen it! I guess the lack of traffic has allowed the access road to be relatively low-trafficked and stay in great shape.
I only went to the gate as I didn't want to be pinged for breaking any laws but when I come back on the mountain bike......? Well, lets just say mountain bikes can go anywhere.

I then rode down to the very end of the Kerry road, as far south as I could go on public roads. You tend to hit up against the Border Ranges which form a formidable barrier to accessing northern NSW. Turning around I then began my way back up to the Darlington Connection Rd which took me up a short, sharp climb then dropped me into the next valley west where I turned left into the Christmas Creek area.

End of the road.

I had ridden the mountain bike down here on one of my early bikepacking trips and the story of the Stinson Crash was explained in that post. Today I wanted to remind myself what the Stinson Park camping area looked like with a view to bringing the family for a lazy weekend before it gets too hot to camp again.

From here I headed to the little town of Rathdowny for a coffee and something to eat. In the 16 years I have been in Queensland I have never stopped in Rathdowny as it is just too close to Brisbane and a trip has either just started or is about to finish when passing through it. Well, today, on my "old man bike" I was just tooling around and the "must get going" guy wasn't in charge.....
I stopped at the quaint store and a very lovely young lass with a hint of (Irish?) accent took my morning tea order. I then sat myself out the front and watched to world go by for 30 minutes or so.

Done with sitting, I suited up and took the back way past Maroon Dam to mt Alford, then on to Boonah. The road was pleasantly twisty.

 It was also single lane in places and I got to test the BM on the dirt at 100km/h as I made way for oncoming traffic.

I stopped briefly at Maroon to take a photo in front of the local church. The towering Mt Barney can be seen to the right, looking down on us.

I then took a fairly uninspiring, circuitous route back to home via Peak Crossing and Ipswich Rd. I was looking to go to Johhny Appleseed for some RAM mounts to set my phone and GoPro up on the bike but when I got there I found the store had moved.......about 6km back along the route I had just come in on. It was now 29C according to the bike's temperature gauge and I was sweltering in my RST suit. "Bugger it, I'll come back another day" I told myself and so hightailed it home!

I put together the following video from my GoPro time lapse stills. It isn't that interesting but if you would like to see what the Australian countryside looks like, albeit in drought, grab a coffee and press play!

Taking it up a notch (or twenty three), here is an extremely well made and quite funny review of the F800GSA by FortNine.
Humour me and watch it through. You won't be disappointed (unlike with my crappy vid above)

Cheers and thanks for checking in!