Monday, March 9, 2020

The Victoria Divide 550 - Day 4

My alarm went off again at 6am. That seemed like too soon but was another decent seven and a half hours sleep. I jumped up, got dressed and packed my sleep kit away. I wasn't feeling hungry so just drank the coffee milk I had carried and got pedalling just on first light. The trail was fairly pleasant, gradient wise but I took it easy to allow my weary body to warm up a bit. 

I soon came to a stupidly steep section of track that I just resigned myself to walking. It wasn't a bad morning for a walk.

They never look as steep in photos.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Victoria Divide 550 - Day 3

I woke with the sun this morning, not opting to set an alarm to get up too early. I figured I was only about 40km from Mt Buller which equalled lunch and a resupply. I ate the other salami sandwich from the general store in Jamieson and washed it down with a big coffee milk. No need for a refrigerator out here!

Crappy low light photo of the camp.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Victoria Divide 550 - Day 2

My alarm went off at 0630, waking me from a somewhat fitful, yet refreshing sleep. It is hard to sleep peacefully when your legs are yelling at you but I did feel pretty good. As soon as I got up I noticed that my phone and cache battery  lights were not lit, indicating they were not charging. I wandered over to flip on the light and ...... nothing! Ahhh, the power was out! Oh, well. There was still hot water so a quick shower to wake up, then pack everything back onto the bike.
I rolled out the door at 7am and coasted down the chilly main street to find the Foodworks, hoping they would be open as the power seemed to be out for the whole town.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Victoria Divide 550 - Day 1

The Victoria Divide 550 bikepacking route is the brainchild of 2018 Tour Divide winner Lewis Ciddor (Great interview with Lewis HERE by Ross Burrage on his "The Hidden Athlete" podcast) who was the first Aussie to win the iconic Tour Divide Race.
The route basically divides the state of Victoria in two by arcing north east out of Melbourne, carving through the high country before undulating across the rolling countryside of rural northern Victoria.

So, how did I become involved in this crazy endeavour? Well, I watched the inaugural race last year online and read the subsequent blog write ups about it. I sort of know the country down there and I love being in any of the Australian Alps, be they located in NSW or Victoria. So when the race popped up on my radar late last year I tagged it with "Interested" on FaceBook. 

Then I forgot about it.