Saturday, October 13, 2018


I am now 12 days into my Great Cycle challenge and I have been really struggling for motivation to do my nominated kilometres. 1000km isn’t anything to sneeze at but by the same token, I knocked out 1600km last October, rather effortlessly, for this same great cause. (Well, maybe it wasn’t effortlessly but I can’t remember it being this hard).

Redland Bay

I am coming off the back of a vicious bout of man flu and I am trying to grab easy kilometres by riding my road bike. This might explain why I am lacking some motivation but worryingly, I just haven’t felt like riding my bike. Yesterday I faffed around most of the day until it rained (which I knew was coming) and then told myself “well, you can’t ride now”, letting myself off the hook but putting myself a further 33km behind schedule.

Today sees me needing 396km in the bag but I am languishing on 279km. 
Pardon my French but - Fuck!

What is wrong with me? I’m just not enjoying this like I normally would. I really hate saying I will do something and not following through. But following that line of thinking is making it feel like work, not pleasure.

Options when on the road.....

I am off at work again today. Up at 3am, at least it was an easy day (a mere 8 hours for a change) and I decided to just go “meh” on the Great Cycle Challenge. If I manage the kilometres good-o, but if I don’t? Well, tough titties. I will continue to ride as much as I can but if I have to use a gym bike to keep my training on track and my motivation up, so be it. If you would like to help pump up my motivation feel free to donate a little here.

Maybe I didn’t mention a little ride I have my eyes on in late November.......... 
Time for an uppercut!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Pedalling For A Great Cause

Hey-ho regular readers. It is October again and that can only mean one thing. 
The Great Cycle Challenge.

I have nominated to ride 1000km again this October to help raise funds to find a cure for kids cancer. That means I ride 33km per day, every day for the month of October. 

Not my usual bag, but its for a great cause.

Great! You say, thats easy, right? Well, I have had a dose of the deadly man-flu these last 12 days and have been laid up as a result. Don't panic, all indications are that I am pulling through but it was a close scrape!

How does that effect my 1000km target? Well, it means I missed kicking off Day I with a decent ride. This time last year I was 205km along the way to the 1000km. Here we are at Day II and my total is a measley 37km. I am already behind the 8 ball.

I will do my best to get back on track ASAP. If anyone feels like chipping in to sponsor me that would be greatly appreciated and remember, it is tax deductible for us Aussies.

Alternately, I challenge you folks out there in Bloggerland to ride 33km once a week, all in one hit, each week for the month of October. 
Yup, you can either donate (please) or you can reap the benefit of feeling what 33km feels like, only you don't have to do it day after day. Just 4 times for the month will suffice.

You never know. You might just like dig those pushys out!


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

New Boots

This adventure bike means that I will be heading off the beaten track a bit more. I really don't want to wreck my road riding gear by taking it into the dirt and anyway, bits of that kit are designed for off road use anyway.

Take my boots for example. 
My road boots are Sidi  Vertigos that I bought way back here. They are great on the road bike but they will get trashed in the bush. I began looking for some suitable replacements about a month ago. I wanted something that could be walked in, as well as providing decent protection. Waterproof would be nice but at the end of the day, nothing is truly waterproof so that wasn't a deal breaker.
I liked the look of the Forma Adventure boots but couldn't find any to try on locally(or at the right price).

Forma Adventure boot.

 I did find an end of stock TCX Track boot that was at a good price at one of the local bike shops. It was my size but I wanted one size larger to allow for foot sewlling when my feet get hot (because it will get hot in Oz) so I left them be.

TCX Track boot

I tried on some AlpineStar Corizal boots at the AMA Warehouse and liked the fit, style and the way the buckles latched but they didn't have the right size either.
Searching around the interwebs I found a pair in the size I needed (US10) at BikeBiz in Sydney (at a much cheaper price too!). A few clicks of a keyboard and they were winging their way north to me.

First wear of the boots was on last week's Tenterfield ride.

AlpineStars Corizal boots.

This is what they look like after two days riding.

Good looking(IMHO) and comfortable almost right away.

 Initially, they were very stiff which made it hard to brake or change gear but they very quickly softened to allow the right amount of movement. Hopefully this doesn't mean they won't have enough ankle protection but in saying that, I didn't want a pair of MX boots that would be all protection and no walking comfort. There is always compromise somewhere if you want them to be real world comfortable.

Not sure about the waterproof abilities yet as this wasn't really very testing weather, nor was the crossing deep. My feet felt nice and cool though as the water splashed the boots.

I was a smidge nervous about going AlpineStars again as the last pair of AlpineStars road boots I had (admittedly, bought in 1998), the sole came off. So did the sole of my Bro's last pair of AlpineStars. His were of similar vintage (SMX I think) so lets hope in the  last decade and a half  er, TWO DECADES (shit has it been that long?!!) their quality has improved somewhat.
I will keep you updated on what these boots are like in the long run.

The next bit of kit I want is a well ventilated adventure jacket/suit. My RST suit, being black, is just too hot to stand around in and shows the dust terribly. I suddenly understand why most of the adventure suits are some form of browny-beige! Watch this space as I search out a suitable er...suit...but don't expect a BMW product. I don't plan on selling a kidney to buy one.....

I didn't realise it at the time but my last post was the 400th since I started this blog back in 2010! I wonder how many original readers there are? Rarer than Unicorn poo I would imagine!?


Damn! I loved that bike AND those boots!