Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hello 2017 !

I usually manage to get out on a ride for New Years Eve or New Years Day. Sort of a modern tradition that embraces a couple of aspects of life that are important to me these days - that being cycling and being outside in the elements.

This past New Year I fulfilled the latter but the bike stayed firmly planted on the bike rack attached to our camper trailer for these two auspicious days. Not that it mattered much though. I was still outside, camping in the Snowies with the kids and some good mates and that is what counts. Heck, we even forgot that it was New Years eve until fairly late in the evening!

Kids trying to disappear from the panorama! ;)

Quiet camping (in mild luxury mind you) and some hiking around the Blue Waterholes area made for a rather pleasant day.

There were some great views over an unexpected waterfall. The drive in and out was rather pleasant as well.

Roll on 2017.....