Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Postman Cometh

Wait, oh yes, wait a minute, Mister Postman

Wait, wait, hey, hey, hey, Mister Postman

Mister Postman, look and see

(Oh yeah) Is there a parcel in your bag for me?

(Please, please, Mister Postman) I been waiting a long, long time

(Whoah, yeah) Since I heard from SW Motech online.....

......You know the song.....

Yep, I have been giving the credit card a bit of a bashing lately. After a few weeks of research I have covered off three or four of the most important (to me) items that I need to make this F800GSA work for me. In no particular order these are -

Number one - A chain oiler system

Number two - a strap system so I can carry stuff.

Number three - a topbox so that the kids feel more secure and I can carry stuff.

Number four - a workshop manual so I can break stuff! (then fix it)

These items all arrived this week and luckily, I have the weekend free to fit them up! Free, that is except for a few jaunts to motorcycle shops looking for a ladies jacket to fit Lucy. 

Did I mention the kids are loving riding around on the back of this thing? Lucy has expressed her desire to get a motorcycle licence in a few years, when she is legally able to. It might be time for a little second hand TTR-125 or KLX-140 to teach them how to ride.....but first I need to find a place where they can ride. Not so easy when you live in the city.

The last "must have" I need to order is a screen add-on to deflect the breeze off of my helmet. The go to item seems to be a Wunderlich Ergo 3D screen which is to be had for a ridiculous amount of money for a small piece of perspex but anything to get rid of the "little guy tapping on my helmet with a hammer" at highway speeds......and I am again awaiting the Postman.

Sexy SW Motech top box


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Nothing Much Happening

There hasn't been much happening here as there has been too much work at work and too much work at home lately. 
Painting the garage (plus a few other rooms) has eaten up all of my free time but Will and I did get out for a quick ride Saturday afternoon to grab some hot chips and to sit in the winter sun.

We are loving this BMW and I haven't even had it on the dirt yet!

Victoria Point sunset. Winter in Queensland.....

Still no farkeles yet but I am researching a slip on pipe for more road presence and more importantly, some sort of luggage. Who'd have thought that hard panniers were so expensive?! If anyone has any advice or tips on luggage, feel free to comment below.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

N+1. You Know How This Works Right?

Now I am sure that those regular readers here know the rule that governs the correct number of bikes that a bloke should own? 
It is governed by the formula N+1
where N = the current number of bikes one owns
and clearly the + 1 = the number of bikes that need to be added at any given time.

Following this principle (judiciously) has seen me walk the tightrope for a number of years without ending up in the dog house. Last week I walked a little further along that rope, even though it was strung across a ditch deeper than the Grand Canyon.....

Yup, I had a bit of free floor space in my shed so I thought that I had better cover it know, so I didn't have to sweep that part of the shed......

Introducing my  +1

The kids approve and have both been for a decent ride. They both love it, so I am safe from living in the shed!

Let the farkling begin........


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New England Mid Winter Motorcycle Trip

It has been a long time since I did any motorcycle touring but an opportunity arose last weekend. A few months back my Bro had told me that the Sydney boys were planning a ride up to the Oxley Highway in NSW for the end of June. I pencilled it in but it would depend on my roster. When the roster came out I actually had seven days off across that weekend. 
Game On!

I decided to get a days jump on everyone and head down on the Thursday afternoon so that I could squeeze some extra riding in. Hell, I needed the practice with my last big ride being over two years ago when the Sydney lads had escorted Rick to Queensland.

I planned on heading down via the Mt Lindesay Highway to Kyogle, then Casino before climbing the range on the Bruxner Highway to Tenterfield, then down the New England Highway to Glenn Innes for the night. It would be cold up on the range so I would wear my RST suit coupled with my merino layers to keep me warm. I didn't have much space in my seatbag but that wasn't a problem with quality clothing.