Thursday, April 29, 2021

ADV Tracking Link


Ok, so I've got some more unpaid time off and I thought "fcuk it, I'm going to ride my bike. But first I need to fit up the Barrett pannier racks that came with the bike AND I need to sort out these contaminated brakes......oh, and if I'm going to do a few thousand kilometres loaded up, I am probably going to need a new rear tyre. ($$$$$$$)

I am trying a(nother) Bridgestone AX41 Adventurecross (the bike came with one on the rear) on the rear as that will match the new front I put on a few months back. We will see how they go on proper gravel but I have been happy with the last one so far.

I really hope these new pads and a good scrub of the discs with brake cleaner fixes their issues. 

The "old" pads were virtually new by the look of them. Shame they are contaminated.

I probably should have rubbed the discs with wet and dry paper as well but as it was my daughter's birthday yesterday, I just ran out of time.
New shiny pads!

It is also time to try out the new tent that I bought in mid 2019 after my last ADV camping ride. Yes, it has been that long since I did one of these and the poor tent has just been sitting in the cupboard. I bought this tent as it is a little more spacious than my bikepacking ones and still quite light at 2.4kg. It came recommended by one of the regular tourers from the Netrider forum and is a bit different as it is assymetrical - sort of.

So, I am finally all loaded up and she be a mighty, portly beast....

and only 2-3 hours late in leaving! Oh well, I have 8 days until I need to be home so no rush!

This here post also contains the link to my Spotwalla page and the Ride With GPS route I created. The tracker goes live from 6am EST (Thursday 29th April) but I probably won't actually hit the road until 9 or 10am. (edit: see above for timings!)

I have some cool "new to me" backroads planned as well as some old favourites so I hope the tracker(s) work! I have used Chris Wiltshire's tutorial on how to load a base map onto Spotwalla so lets see how it goes.

Spotwalla Link