Sunday, January 1, 2012

And Straight into 2012

I was correct. I didn't even make 8pm.

Declining a cycling friend's invitation to dinner and drinks for NYE was a wise, if disappointing, decision as I was awakened by the birds chirping, feeling refreshed and quite frankly, GREAT!

Donning my riding kit, I snuck out while everyone was still asleep. With a self imposed upper heart rate limit of 150bpm, I took a most enjoyable roll around the Redlands.

And finished it off with a strong, smooth, steaming coffee.

Welcome to the future people..........I hope it is a great one for you as well.


  1. Hitting the road scene .... Your Avanti bro?

  2. Yup. Have been a m.a.m.i.l. for about two years now.


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