Saturday, January 21, 2012

Glorious New Trail!

Today, here in sunny Cornubia, we kicked off the next installment in our mountain bike trail building sequence.

This stage has been stalled for almost a year due to various reasons, but it was great to finally get the original CFSM trail underway. We had a crew of 13 hardy souls turn up at 6am, with the movers and shakers of one of Brisbane's foremost MTB shops lending a not inconsiderable hand, despite their corporate demands. It is great to see these guys out in the field to put back into their industry and if these guys can find time to come and help build trail, anyone can.

I am slightly biased, but I think these trails, while smaller in size, are going to rival the trails in Gap Creek. Why, I hear you ask? Well, first off, we have the man that built Gap Creek as our primary advisor and a matured hands on trail builder as part of the team, who is intent on building the best, sustainable trails that we can have. Then, of course, we have the stunning topography to work with here in Cornubia Forest.

The beauty of having some truly gifted riders as part of your trail build team is that they see lines that 29er SingleSpeed riders may not normally see!

I was chatting to Jeff (Ozzie) and he suggested that making a trail building movie might be interesting. I didn't mention that I had in fact bought my camera and tripod along to do just such a thing, but as it seemed to me once "on site" to be a slightly less-than-manly thing to do I had not bothered to set it up. However, once inspired, I did get it running and I hope you get a feel for what trail building is all about! It is a shame you can't hear the Shit That Mountainbikers Say while building though!

Look out for a better, more comprehensive version in the next few weeks from Jeff though.

A   HUGE thanks to all of the guys that turned up and donated their time to building this trail. We will have a completed loop of trails in the next 6-12 weeks that will rival anything in South East Queensland.

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