Friday, January 13, 2012

What Have I Done Now ?

Waaaay back in 1990 I bought my very first motorcycle. It was a 1984 Honda CBX 750F. It looked all Buck Rodgers (kids, ask your parents) and I was hooked by the two wheel bug.

Over the years I upgraded to bigger and better bikes. Some Honda,

                                                                        some Kawasaki

                                                                   sometimes multiple bikes

Some race bikes

but, my last road bike was a 2000 model Yamaha R1.

Ahhh, the R1. To me, the most perfect sports bike I had ever ridden. It had massive amounts of power. It had huge brakes and you could use them while cranked over, in a corner, without the bike trying to run you wide and spit you off. And you could tour on it. And I loved that bike more than all the others.

Unfortunately circumstance conspired against me and in a fit of logic (be careful about letting your head rule your heart) I decided to stop road riding and get into dirt bikes. The dirt was good fun. No speeding issues, no traffic in the bush, but also no one to find you if you had a close encounter with the shrubbery. This meant always riding with others. The downside to this was that organising a ride partner became mandatory for a ride to happen. Just another hurdle erected in front of a the dirt bikes went as well. For the last four years I have been getting my two-wheel-fix riding mountain bikes and reaping the benefit of hugely improved fitness as well.

I look forward to the mountain biking continuing, but the velos needs to be kind to their new stable mate.......

I always liked the blue R1 more..........


  1. thats so cool, is that a 2002-2003 model? The first fuel injected one I believe.

    Do you even remember how to ride one of these things?

    Check out iron chef blog for good roads up your way.

  2. 2002 model. 27 000km.
    Just barely remembered how to ride it. The front tyre only had 20psi in it so I nearly fell over in every turn while test riding it! Proper pressure sorted that issue out though.
    Yes, remember you riding one down Talbingo Mountain a long time ago.

    1. Yeah if I remember rightly the very first 2 sharp bends i went into them with the rear tyre lifted off the ground, that's how hard I was braking.......

    2. Always hilarious when you are riding someone else's bike!!!!

  3. Mmmm very nice. I think blue is fast as well!

    1. Thanks. You will notice a blue theme throughout my motorcycling history.

  4. Nice ride. It won't take you long to get back into riding. Some would say it is just like riding a bike. :-)

    FYI - blame your brother for the increased traffic on your blog.

    1. I felt very rusty on the ride home after I picked the bike up. I am looking forward to getting back in the groove.
      Oh, and I blame my brother for lots of things.... ;)

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