Monday, January 16, 2012

Holiday Ideas

Well, the wife has returned from nearly three weeks in London and Paris with her family and has okayed a couple of weeks away for me! Good Karma for letting her slip away at christmas!

Now, down to the serious business of coming up with a possible destination. Some destinations would be better ridden sooner rather than later........

Although, New Zealand is much closer and there are sooo many sweet trails.

So, armed with cheapish air travel and a couple of weeks off (yet to be booked), where would YOU go? I would love to hear some of your dream destinations and why you would go there. And remember, there is always room for a riding partner.........


  1. are we talking motorbike or bike? if it is bike...sorry mate you are on your own.!!!! When you live in NZ , no where is close.

  2. Well, NZ is a lot closer than the States from Oz! It is also a bit hard to pack a motorbike in my bag, so it will be a mountain biking trip. You should try it. You have some of the best trails in the world on your back doorstep.

  3. The dolomites, moab, canada, scotland, ...


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