Monday, January 30, 2012

F#ck, Fu(kity F#ck, F#ck, Sh1t, Arse, Willy....and Tits....

What do you say when you get an invite to go ride Mt Buller for three days with a personal pick up from Melbourne airport, but there is a trail build day on in the middle that requires oversight?

If we don't get a decent roll out to build this flipping trail I am going to go off the deep end.

Over 10 000 members on MTB Dirt and we get 13 people willing to give up 4 hours of their time and help out. Thats less than 0.15 of a percent of MTBers in south east Queensland willing to help build the trails that they ride. I do like the building/maintaining aspect as it is still time spent in the bush, but I have spent a crapload of hours building. These hours come out of my riding budget. I don't want any recognition for any of this. None of us do. We just want legal trails to ride and here we have a council saying "go for it, you have our blessing" and we can't get the help to make it happen!!


and TITS.............

End Rant.


  1. Preach it hombre!! I'm having a similar dilema with it clashing on my major weekly training ride. What to do?

    1. Major dilemma Jim. Right about now I am thinking "screw the digging. Let someone else do it." Swat everyone else does....

  2. Sometimes it is amazing how many people want to benefit from something but those same people do not want to put forth the effort to construct it. I hope you get more than 13 people turning out next time.

    Like trying to organize a motorcycle ride at times - it is like herding cats.

    On a side note, I tried watching the video and a message came up that said: " This video contains contents from Starz Media LLC, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

    Bollocks I say.

    1. SOPA kicking in? The video is the swearing scene from "The Kings Speech", an excellent movie that I highly recommend you watch, if you haven't done so already.

  3. Maybe if LTCA gave back some artistic licence and allowed work to occur within the set parameters of the approved course instead of organised sanctioned days. We would get to the top alot faster this way. Cancelling last week was a bad move, I was up there and progress would have been swift if I was allowed to do my bit without recrimination. If I was you I would have done Mt Buller.

  4. The film is a cracker. The clip is very funny and I might try and use its content in one of my own posts. It describes so well the way I feel when something goes badly wrong!

  5. Jim-Personally, I am over all of the philosophising about trail building and LCTA doesn't have the "artistic licence here". I only deal with the facts.
    The facts are- council "owns" the land. In AU you just can't build a house/shed/road/anything without complying with council regulation. Fact. MTBing is no different. So, we as MTBers are bound to the international standard that councils will recognise. The IMBA standard is what we must follow to satisfy council and DERM requirements. Fact.
    Prior, unplanned works painted us into a corner with respect to steep slope and private property boundaries. Fact. This means basically only one route is avaiable to satisfy the standard. Now because of the slope the trail MUST be constructed to a very high standard to stand the test of time. Fact.
    Logan is the only council to actively let trails be built in SEQ. We need to retain this hard won mutual trust by "doing it right" and not screw this up.
    I admire your passion and drive on this issue and would like to have you full bottle with us helping out. With respect, you now conceed you were incorrect about 29ers. Maybe you are slightly incorrect on this issue?
    P.S. I retain the right as owner of this blog to viciously edit any and all comments as I see fit.


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