Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How far do you have to go for a ride?

With all of the activities going on at home lately it is proving nearly impossible to get out on my bike for any meaningful riding. I managed a quick spin sunday morning, with a run down Wallum Froglet here in Cornubia. It is shaping up nicely, but needs some work to improve the flow on a couple of corners.
The kids pestered me sunday afternoon to take them for a ride. It didn't take much effort on their part. Any excuse for a ride with the kids.

Sunday night brought work back into the picture with a trip to Perth. I had a cunning plan and packed my road shoes,gps, gloves and a biddon. A spot of breakfast at the trendy "Tiger Tiger", then on to the Red Cat bus to pick up a hire bike. I was in luck, as I had not booked, they had a Merida road bike available and I was quickly saddled up and on the bikepath heading toward the Narrows bridge.

It was a perfect morning for a ride too. Cool and dry. It felt great to be on the road again with the suburbs looking picturesque. Jutland Parade was it's usual immaculate self and I had to stop on the Esplanade at Peppermint Grove for some pictures. Unfortunately they do not do it justice. It really was a magic morning for a ride!

Moving along toward Fremantle and the slightly maladjusted seat was giving me some grief. It was slightly too high and too far back. Just one of the hazzards of going with a hire bike. I would have to find a friendly bike shop to borrow an allen key to adjust it. That shop turned out to be Fleet Cycles, in Adelaide st, Freo. Give them a try if you are in the area as they are very kind to interstate cyclists.
By this stage the tummy was beginning to rumble so I picked up just about the biggest chicken and avocado sandwich I had ever seen and headed to the Esplanade Park to chill and refuel. This is always a very pleasant spot to relax and I guess we can thank the winning of the "Americas Cup" for bringing this run down little seaside suburb back to life back in the 80s. It certainly has turned into a trendy and cosy spot over the ensuing years.

Freo is also the home to this little piece of heaven (which is in the background of the above photo)

If you have not tried a Little Creatures beer, do yourself a favour and neck a Pilsener or a Sparkling Ale. If, like me, you enjoy a refreshing beer you will not be disappointed. Plenty of people must be like me(god help us all!), as the last time I came here there was only one shed on the pier, not the three that currently stand tall.

Another point of interest is the Maritime Museum where you can view the remains of the Batavia. To stand there and look upon the bones of this ship built in 1628, wrecked just one year later and ponder her story is a humbling experience, which I again recommend to everyone.

It was now time to meander back toward the city with the wind at my back. I always enjoy the ride back from Freo via the southern shore of the Swan River. The suburban roads are quiet and once you hit the bike path along the Kwinana freeway with twenty knots pushing you along it is almost like a downhill run all the way back to The Causeway and "About Bike Hire", the home of my mount for the day. Just on 60k in the legs and time for some more grub, then attempt to catch a reasonable nap before the "all night show" at work. Those 60k certainly help to send me off to sleep and have become a regular part of my routine when here in the west.

So I guess the answer to my original question is 2066 nautical miles!


  1. Its seems that you have to head over the ditch or the other side of the rock to get a ride in with blue sky.
    Perhaps winter will be kinder to us that summer and autumn so far???

  2. Sadly true Gaz. You are into the right sport for these conditions.


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