Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can't afford not to!

It has been head down, bum up around Flyboy HQ lately. The builders doing our renovations have me fairly well occupied, then throw in running around after the kids doesn't leave much time spare. Lets not forget there is work. I appreciate having more days off by working harder when I go to work, but ten hours on, ten hours in a hotel, eleven hours on, eleven hours in a hotel, followed by another ten hours strapped into an aircraft is catching up with me! These last two weeks have been the easy weeks this roster!! Yikes!!

Wedged into this hectic schedule are some calming moments. Trail building here in Cornubia is one of them. A few weeks ago we happened across this very nice waterfall, just below where our new trail will run.

Sorry about the Samsung Galaxy picture quality.

Trail building is becoming a regular feature. 6am every saturday morning and a bunch of scruffy looking fourty somethings shuffle along the mean streets of Cornubia, carrying all manner of digging implements. Our destination is a narrow corridor of bushland in Cornubia Forest that has been named "Wallum Froglet". It will be one of the best "fire access" trails in this state when we have finished with it. It will link onto more sweet "fire access trail" that is yet to be crafted, creating a mecca for the "knowing, discerning" MTBer here in Brisbane. Singletrack connoisseurs need only apply.

Another bummer is that my instant fitness acquired in Rotorua is on the wane. This full schedule is only giving a very small window of opportunity to actually do some cycling. About one ride per week since I have been back. After some soul searching I have pinned down what is fuelling this lethargy. I believe it is the fact that I have resisted any self coercion to actually write up a race schedule. I have not actually sat down and mapped out my year ahead, meaning I have no training goals/plan. This means if I miss a ride, it doesn't matter! Dumb logic I know. I need to get off this blog and decide what races I want to ride this year before it is too late, then get off my arse and train.

I put some hurt on myself a couple of weeks ago by riding while I was suffering after effects of a cold. This made me reluctant to get out last week. Luckily I did though. I rode over to Underwood park and took part in the Brisbane South MTB Club club race day. I must say I had a good time. Not necessarily flogging myself, but riding hard, yet smart, I felt good and had a great time. Maybe it is time to get some scheduled training happening?

Some super sweet deals have been appearing on the interwebs of late and I have hatched yet another cunning plan for bicycle blinginess! I love Chain Reaction Cycles and the deals they provide. Some of the components are so cheap, You Can't Afford Not To buy them!!!! The Australia Post Santa arrived tuesday morning.........................

Stand by for some unbridled "blinginess" coming to a Trek near me!


  1. easy on the 40 somethings bro, I may be getting closer but I haven't hit that vintage just yet. The track are looking sweet BTW, hopefully get that retaining knocked over looking natural this weekend and I'm bringing the lawnmover.

  2. Ha, but you don't roam the streets with tools either! You sensibly ride in.
    Yeah, I think we are on the right track now. It will look awesome in 12 months.

  3. See you at the 6 hour then Dave? You know ou want too.....

  4. Wingy.................maybe. That is a lot of hurt to lay on this delicate body! It is also on the next roster, so I will have to wait until it comes out to make sure I have the day off ;)


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