Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bye bye to the land of the Long Winding Singletrack

Time is a funny thing. It can drag along, seemingly barely passing at all. Other times it zips by so fast you feel that you cannot take everything in. The last ten days have been more of the latter version of time perception.

I seems only yesterday that we were assembling our bikes and going for a ride at Woodhill in Auckland. Now, here we were, winging our way home.

The experience of riding the trails in bicycle mad New Zealand have forever changed how I will look at singletrack. I now know how good it can be. Even the trails we rode on a destination ride were unbelievable. Yes, New Zealand has something special going on, nation wide.

Thanks to the guys that shared the trip. It was a laid back, easygoing week that made the riding even better. According to my GPS we managed to be out on our bikes for 36 hours, ride 254 kilometres and climb 6836 metres vertically. Pretty much all on sweet singletrack. Thanks fellas!

Where will we go next time? Soooooo many choices.

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