Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wallum Froglet, Part "A"

Saturday dawned fine and clear after the heavy downpours of friday. Good news for the trail building crew, as today was hopefully going to mark the end of Part A. The plan for today was to cut a dropout trail two hunderd metres long to the fire road, going from virgin hillside to fully finished IMBA standard single track. The rollout was impressive. The saying "many hands make light work" sprang to mind.

Over the course of the next four hours we were taken through the trail building process by local professional, Oppy. 

As we moved along the hillside an amazing thing happened. A ribbony length of single track appeared behind us. Look behind you Tom...............it's following us.

Once we reached the fire road it was time to head back and place the duff we were saving along each side of the trail. There before us was a completed section of trail that looked like it had been there for ever, unlike the main part of the trail that still needs fixes applied to it. Some say this trail is too easy. True, but it is only a drop out track to make part A ride able/usable before we push on with part B of Wallum Froglet trail. Once part B has been carefully marked out to ensure it is going to be sustainable and not turn into an erosion embarrassment, we can apply these newly learned skills to it's steep slopes.

In the mean time, chuck another steak on the bbq, then lets go for a ride!


  1. Great effort Dave!!! Your steady hand and level headedness throughout hasn't gone unnoticed. If we can continue to improve as we build by the end it'll be JAMAN level AWESOME!

  2. Thanks Jim. If we all stay cool and plan it well, it WILL get there. We have a good, core group of reliable volunteers that don't look for a pat on the back, but will take it (with a steak) if offered! See you out there again soon.

  3. you guys rock ... JimR: massive credit.


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