Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back to reality

New Zealand and in particular, Rotorua are just a very pleasant memory now. I have been back to work, caught a cold, shaken it off and gone to work some more. My "happy place" now includes some sweet single track, huge redwoods and a Monteiths or two, so those "not so fun" days can be coped with somewhat more pleasantly.

When you think that you are getting around in some reasonably heavy metal you invariably get a wake up call that your ship really is just a light twin. This was demonstrated yesterday as I nestled up under this A330's tail. Those things are bloody huge!

Today was the first day on my bike since Rotorua due to work and illness. I must say it was very nice to be pedalling around the bush again. I checked out some of the trail work that went on while I was out of the country. The new bridge is a first class piece of work.

As is the re route to it. Just some armouring needed and it will be finished.

Up at the top of the hill I discovered a new dirt jump park. I am guessing it has been built by kids as you would need to bounce well when you ate sh!t over some of the jumps. It is amazing how industrious these guys can be. A massive amount of work has gone into them in just a few short weeks. If we could harness the energy for the legal trails there would be no more building to do! Unfortunately, cross country trails are not terribly exciting for these thrill seekers who just want to bash straight down hill, trashing the bush in the process. Yes, I see the irony. A few years ago this would have been me, but I have seen the light! There is really nothing worse than a reformed smoker or in this case a reformed hoon. :)

These kids need somewhere to play. They are essentially out there exercising and having fun. It is just a shame that it isn't legal or terribly kind to our little patch of bushland. They also tar us with the same brush in the eyes of "environmental" types and add fuel to their calls for zero access.

Anyway, I puffed my way into Daisy Hill for a look around and found that it was quite wet after riding 'Turning Japanese', so decided to motor home to the jobs I have been neglecting for the past few weeks.  I am just about to jump onto the chain saw and despatch some small gums that had the misfortune to grow where my new shed will be standing. Does anyone need some fire wood?
'Til next time, keep it rubber side down.

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