Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rest days: the degrees..............

Thursday started very slowly for the Daisy Hill crew. After smashing our legs and frazzling our minds with too much singletrack all week we needed a rest. A rest day on this trip though consisted of a lazy brunch,a chat and a siesta followed up with putting a MTB under our butts and going for a ride!

The plan was to warm up on some of the lower trails then meet the shuttle for some runs on the upper trails. We arrived at the shuttle pick up about half an hour early, so some fool (d'oh) suggested riding up to get another run in before the shuttle arrived. This was done and we arrived back at the pickup point a few minutes before the already full shuttle pulled up! Bugger! So we waited another twenty minutes before our very first "shuttle run". After riding this climb several times over the last few days I can appreciate how hard the old bus had to work, which made the ride up all the more sweet!

After we grabbed our bikes off the trailer we cranked it up to the start of Billy T, passing a ten year old boy and his dad about to do the same. Awesome! Future world champ.
Through Billy T, down G-rock, Clarence link, Rollercoaster and back to the shuttle pick up. Lap one! Up the hill again and it was starting to drizzle which also made it quite dark under the forest roof. Dark, but not gloomy as we whipped it down the three point seven kilometres of Corners trail. That is one sweet trail even in the rain! A consensus decision was made to high tail it home from here as it was getting dark and we had no lights.

Totals for our "rest" day were forty five kilometres with 1200m climbing! About ten km and 600m were enjoyed from the comfort of a 1950s bus, but the rest was via our trusty pins.

Friday was for drying out and contemplating another ride. How wet would the trails be? We had a lot of rain the night before and using our south east Queensland judgement the trails would be unrideable. Another lazy start assisted with the drying process. By the time we hit the trails at about 2pm they were unbelievably dry and grippy!
The pumice soil with the pine needle overlay seems to leave the trails very rideable. Just look out for the roots, eh Rich?!

We split up today at the start of Dragon's Tail. Rich wanted to do the Green/Blue lake ride while I tagged along with Dave and Nick until the upper shuttle point. They went up for a large day, while I went down to look at Old Chevy and Yellow Brick Road then via Exit track.

We had promised ourselves to Exit the park via Exit Track every day and this I achieved every day, even in the wet! Yeah!!

I then went for a roll around town, with a stop at Zippy's cafe. A definite must for when you are in town. Good food, free wifi and "views". Zippy's also sponsor the trails, so two coffees were the order of the day.

Hell yeah!!

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