Monday, February 21, 2011

Wooooooooooo Hoooooooooo!!!!!!!

Day three in New Zealand and what can I say? These trails are mind blowingly full on! We met up with Jody and Greame this morning and mapped out a strategy. As they had been here for a few days longer than us they had ridden some of the trails we were planning on hitting up, but that didn't stop us sharing some of the lower trails like Genesis and Challenge as well as the first big climb.
Daisy Hill Crew, Rotorua style.

From here we decided to climb it up to the very top of the park to take in Tuhoto Ariki and Split Enz. The route looked simple enough on a map but the reality put a bit of hurt on us. Luckily we were in no hurry, we had all day and no place to be. Frontal Lobotomy beat climbing fire road....just.

We stopped at the top of the National Downhill track for a rest and bite to eat, then it was on to the top of the climb at 765 metres, the start of the Tuhoto Ariki trail. This trail is a rough, rooty track through rainforest like bush. It is like parts of the Coffs Harbour Pleasure and Pain course and runs for just on five kilometres. It is tough, but rewarding. We took a break to let the heart rates settle and take on some calories at the Hatupatu intersection.

Nick taking it to Tuhoto Ariki

Once through this maze of forest we hit some more fire road before taking in Split Enz. I do not have the vocabulary to describe this trail!!! Think smooth clay, through rainforest, with sculptured berms that go on and on and on. Think unlimited grip. Think wooden bridges around blind corners. Then imagine all this when on the rivet. Flat. Stick.....

We managed to stop on Split Enz for this photo only because Nick had worded us up on the spectacular viewing point. Otherwise we would have blown by at 30-40 km/h. This trail is the new benchmark!! (and yes, my arms ARE locked into the riding position!!)

The next trail was Pondy, which proved to be an exposed(not much need for sunscreen here with all the tree cover) and fast downhill blast. We found ourselves at the bottom with our first mechanical of the trip. Not surprisingly it was a flat tyre.
Rich pulled out an obscenely large carrot to eat and a nice rest time was had by all (but Nick)!!

The fatigue was starting to set into the legs by this stage so we were taking it easy on the climbs and then bombing the descents to save energy. Rollercoaster, Spring Roll, Chop Suey and possibly some other trails were sampled before we hit the mandatory Exit trail on the way out.
It was a fairly subdued group that headed out for a bite to eat tonight. We were SMASHED! Totals for the day stand at 40km with just over 1000m climbing. Not huge numbers by themselves
, but as the third day of riding the toll on our legs was starting to build. Being resilient Aussies we will find a way to push through..........

Cheeeerrrzzzz..........from our honorary Aussie.

What a day!!!!


  1. But is it reaallly better than Daisy????

    Not that we would know what Daisy is like with these thunderstorms on top of us :-/

  2. Like Nirvana on steroids Gaz. Daisy will never look the same again. 175km and 2300m climbing in the last 5 days. Going strong.

  3. Er...make that 4000m climbing! I can't add obviously ;)


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