Monday, February 7, 2011

Thunder and Monkey Butt

Today started badly with a massive thunderstorm waking me up at 4:17am. The crash of thunder overhead was so loud that I went from fast asleep to hanging off the ceiling fan in 0.02 of a second! Driving rain accompanied the light and sound show making me fearful of more flash flooding so soon after the horrible floods we have just endured. I noted later in the day that this was the case, thankfully though only minor in extent.

An early ride was planned for Nerang. I had organised to meet Steve at the velodrome for a 6:30am kick off. Accompanying the rain was some cooler weather which was appreciated as it has been very sticky here in Brisbane over the last week or so.

We set off for the upper trails and I noted right away that my saddle seemed "slippery" this morning. More on this later!

I was riding like I had two left hands again. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you lose skills when you don't practice them regularly. Too much road riding lately has seen my MTB skills go the way of the Dodo. Steve not only led the way on the trails, he showed me how to tackle the obstacles.

We took in many trails that I still can't remember the name of despite numerous visits to Nerang. We did do Baily's, crossed Wimps and came home via Never Ending, Explosions and Pete's.
Steve ate them all up while I struggled along behind, with my behind getting more uncomfortable by the kilometre.

The bridges in Nerang are a mix of "too easy" to "you have got to be kidding!". This one is of the former variety. I mean, we both have jobs to go to tomorrow and families to buy Vegemite for.

A good day out despite the lack of skill and the increasingly painful rear end. In fact, the rear end is so sore that it is uncomfortable to sit on now. In three years or so of MTBing I have never had such a red butt! Not even after eight hours in the saddle. I am not sure what caused it. I had on my usual trusty shorts and my wife assures me that the washing powder hasn't been changed to a different brand, so I am at a loss to explain the monkey butt, apart from noticing that the saddle felt slippery at the start of the ride. I guess it is nothing that a bit of soothing cream and a rest day or two can't fix. Maybe some trail building tomorrow instead of riding?

For those that are not too squeamish, here is a photo of the offending monkey butt. View it at your own peril...............................................................................................................

                                                        You couldn't help yourself, could you?!!!


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