Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Morning Ride, NZ style

Today we decided to leave the groomed singletrack behind and headed over to Taupo to catch up with Jody and Graeme again. Our cunning plan today was a gentle destination ride from Whakaipo Bay to Kinlock, the W2K track. It is 14 kilometres of dual use trail for walkers and MTBers and we were told it was a must do by several bike shop staff over here. Who were we to argue?

An early rise and breakfast, well 8am is early for us, and we jumped in the cars for a eighty kilometre drive to Taupo. On arrival we found Graeme trying to eliminate some noises that his bike was starting to make. This was done with much heckling and generally unhelpful hints from the peanut gallery, then it was out to Wh(F)akaipo Bay to the trail head.

The obligatory photo opportunity was not missed and we all hope it causes much jealousy in rain drenched Brisbane! Sorry guys!!

This being day six on our MTB odyssey our legs are perhaps not as fresh as they might have been, so the intial climb up the W2K was not without a grimace or three. Those first few kilometres of warm up are always the hardest. We did notice through squinted eyes that this trail was amazing. Winding singletrack carved into the headland had us flowing across exposed hillside, then under a cool, dark canopy then back out again to take in the vistas over Lake Taupo. This is definitely a must do trail.

We paused at the lookout to take in the views and to see if Rich would cause hilarity when he fell of a massive old pine. Fortunately (or unfortunately) this didn't happen.

We then enjoyed the four kilometre descent into Kinloch, with only a small thought given to the climb that this would become on the way home. Yes, this is an out and back trail!
Kinloch proved to be a delightful little village on the shoes of Lake Taupo. We rested a while, had some slightly dodgy latte's and let Jody talk us into continuing with him and Graeme on the Kawakawa trail.

 This proved to be a challenge for our legs but the technical nature of the trail put a smile on our faces none the less. We stopped at a lookout for photos and calories, then bade the Taupo two farewell as they were continuing down to the waters edge. This added an estimate 150m more climbing to the ride and as this twenty eight kilometre roll was turning into a fourty eight kilometre mini epic discretion was definitely the better part of valour!

The ride back over the headland proved to be much better than anticipated, with Dave and I whooping it up, riding nose to tail on the final few kilometres of snaking track. Our gentle roll had turned into 45 kilometres and 900m climbing!

A quick wash down in the cool waters of Lake Taupo and in was into town for burgers and beer. How would I rate the day? Absolute ***** star. If you are in the area you HAVE to check out the W2K.


  1. OK...over ya'll now. Taupo is worthy. Cycled all around there and even participated in the race around Taupo....magical area! Enjoy!

  2. Haha. Soo worthy! There is almost too much top class trail. Almost ;)

  3. Did I mention that I hate you guys!!!!

    It all looks SO AWESOME !!!! Book me in for next year. :-))


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