Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy....Ah....Too Late!

It is a bit late for all of the New Year banter. I pretty much missed it all with being a bit busy and then not feeling the best. In fact, being asleep by 9:30pm confirms me for the party animal that I am not!

2012 was another good year with plenty of mountain biking with great people. There were new ride destinations both here, the US of A and New Zealand. While there were no new additions to my stable of mountain bicycles I am quite happy with that fact as well, as I have all bases well covered. Plenty of saddle time was had on them all and I was a bit surprised how few total kilometres(French miles) I rode, but pleasantly surprised how many vertical French miles I did.

2012 saw me make a return to the world that I had spent about 15 years immersed in. Yup, motorbicycles returned to my shed with a very tidy 2002 Yamaha R1 being bought in January. My plan was to ease back into the riding and not put too many French miles on the odometer. I achieved this in fine style with barely 1500km going under it's Bridgestones. It has been fun(mostly) and I look forward to doubling this number in 2013 and possibly linking up with Chillertek for a ride.

Thanks to all of you out there in Bloggerland for your kind words, interest and blogging throughout 2012.

Here is hoping for a prosperous, fun filled and safe year ahead for all.


  1. Born to be mild........that's my motto.

    I am still in awe over your mountain biking stats. That is a long way to ride and a lot of calories burned. Good job!


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