Sunday, December 30, 2012

Punching On......After All, Its Boxing Day

Lots more flying to be had today with a double crossing of the continent. If we had gone in a straight line and for another 3 hours we would have been in Los Angeles!! Well, actually we would have been swimming, out of gas......but you get the gist.

 Some cool sights today with multiple crossing traffic high above Leigh Creek.

A QANTAS 767, 1000ft above us and going slightly faster. It was so close we could see the rivets on the underside of it!

Then, at the same time an A330 came the other way, 1000ft higher again. (And yes, this is legal)

How good are modern aircraft navigation systems? Here we all were, over the middle of the country, on the same track and all exactly aligned by GPS. This is the reason dilligent attention needs to be paid to altitude separation by both pilots and air traffic control!

Halfway through the day and the sun is setting to the west of Brisbane.

The moon going down behind the cloud at 39 000'.

Just a few days until new year and I am hoping (needing) to get out on a bike before the calendar winds down to the 31st. Until then, there is always this to get me by.....

Hope you Boxing Day was a relaxing one.



  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, I laughed til I almost cried. Of course, I shamelessly stole it from somewhere else :)

  2. Ahhh great videos, the last one did have me laughing though. It slightly reminds me of this moto cross training video we've laughed at for years......


    Hopefully the linked worked. Oh and any man wearing a blanket for a cape would never have a chick that hot stashed in his garage....just sayin'.

    Happy New Year!!

    1. Um...yes...the link worked. And now I am scarred for life!

      Maybe thats what I am doing wrong...incorrect cape... :-)


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