Sunday, January 27, 2013

Australia Day Washout

Warning- Adult themes (Bugger, thats me out then...)

As we all know, this weekend is the Australia ('Straya to the yobs) Day long weekend. For us, being a nation of sportspeople, it is normally a time for yobbos all over 'Straya to wrap themselves in the national flag, get pissed and punch on with some

While half of the country is probably doing this as I type, the south eastern corner of Queensland (and it's Yobs) are enduring a bit of a hosing down. You see, the remnants of Tropical Cyclone "Oswald" are busily dumping literally metres(yards) of rain on us. This puts a serious damper on taking to the streets while half-cut and making a dickhead of oneself. (doesn't stop you doing it online though!)

It also puts an end to all thought of motorbicycling, bicycling or camping. All things that were on the cards for this weekend.

This of course was yesterday. Today we have had even heavier, more constant rain so by tonight (Sunday) we will have had at least double that amount and possibly more. Man the lifeboats?!

Ironically, it leaves plenty of time to down some tinnys, shout insults at the migrant neighbours while munching a lamb chop and punch on with some local coppers in a cloud of capsicum spray and a tangle of Taser wires.....

Hmmm. Looking at that poor bastard above, I'll take the taser any day thanks!

Cheers. Ya cahhns.


  1. Ha to funny drinking and blogging makes for some hilarious reading.

  2. Why is it that the weather waits until a holiday before it turns to crap?

    1. It is a Guvmint conspiracy to keep us all under control. Might hurt ourselves if the weather was nice and we all went outdoors.


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