Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Sweet Sound Of Yesteryear

I am shamelessly pinching this video from Andrew over at Bandit Rider because it is so good.

This New Zealand airshow has more serious hardware than most US or Continental counterparts. In addition it has (for the moment anyway) the ONLY airworthy De Haviland Mosquito in the world. And doesn't it sound sweet!

The highlights are the fast flyby of the two seat Spit at about 3:10, the Mozzie taking off at 6:40(can you imagine the sound of a squadron of these beauties), then the flybys from 7:10. Turn up the volume to "airshow" level and enjoy the sound of the 1940s.

Cheers Andrew.  You have made my week!


  1. No worries man! You should have been there! The music was spectacular!

    Oh, and here she is on her last NZ flight (over Auckland): http://youtu.be/kehMfW9UnPA

  2. Wish I was. Planning on Wanaka next year.


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