Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Regular Wednesday Morning Daisy Hill Ride

I have only been riding mountain bikes for about four years now, but it is interesting to see how the cycle (please excuse the pun) goes around. After lurking in the background on for about six months, I finally worked up the courage to meet with a seasoned group of mountain bikers that rode in Daisy Hill at 6am on Wednesday mornings.

I can still remember that first morning ride, a bit like a first date with a girl you really wanted to impress. There I was wheezing along behind the group, feeling way out of my league and making vague, unintelligent comments when I felt it appropriate, not necessarily when it was appropriate. Some may say not much has changed at all.......but the point I am getting around to making is that back then in 2007/8, there were a lot of keen individuals organising group rides, online, all over south east Queensland. These were a great way to meet other MTBers and find out where the good trails were. I am so glad I made the plunge, way out of my comfort zone, back then. I met some great blokes who became friends and learnt a lot about this sport.

For the next year or so these group rides seemed to dry up. Some organisers got bitten by the popularity of their rides. Unprepared riders turned up, then blamed these volunteer organisers when things went pear shaped for the newbie, which made these few key players withdraw from organising these rides. Some organisers were just attacked by "angry middle aged white men" as is wont to happen on forums across the interwebs, and they unfortunately took a step back as well.

I am therefore very pleased to see that a few hardy individuals are organising group rides again. These rides are being very well attended by experienced, well prepared riders that are having a great time out in the bush. The next ride, which I helped pre-ride, appears to be being organised with a large degree of common sense and thought for various contingencies. It will be a challenging ride for most of us punters and I hope the attendees see it for what it is, a tough little test of one's intestinal fortitude, overlaid with a big smear of self deprecating Aussie humour. All followed up with the "Pump Daddy" pump track challenge. Bring it on!

So, with this renewed enthusiasm for interweb organised dirty fun, it wasn't surprising to see a huge group out for the Regular Wednesday Morning Daisy Hill Ride last wednesday. Luckily I happened to have the GoPro along for the morning. Unfortunately I have been uber busy this last week to get around to editing it and posting the result up, but a few hours presented themselves and I grabbed them by the short and curlies. The result is.....not more "crotch cam"(I know you love it, no really, you do), but some "bottom bracket cam".

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