Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just like a bicycle with a motor

For the last month or so here at Flyboy HQ I have been trying to eat healthy low fat, low sugar food. We all know how hard this can be these days as we are bombarded with all sorts of rubbish masquerading as health foods.

Today, while doing a little shopping I stumbled upon this little beauty.

WTF? Tiramisu Almonds?  Apparently they have No Gluten, No Trans Fats and No Cholesterol AND are low GI ! Yeah, low GI before you coat them in that crap! But wait! They are made in Australia! Makes me so proud.....

Geez, some days you really have to wonder what chance the average punter has against all of this marketing spin.
If you feel the same way as I do, let these  health gurus know what you think of their munted almonds here.

End rant.


  1. Have a great Xmas bro all the best to the family
    A change of career for twenty 12 means more time in the bike... Blaze on

  2. Cheers Dave. Hope you get lots of Tiramisu and good luck with the new path.
    Rotovegas in 2012?


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