Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scouting Ride

Sunday dawned relatively cool and clear. Today, Derek had planned a scouting ride to try to link up various pieces of single track here on the south side of Brisbane for an Epic ride he is planning shortly after christmas.

We had nine starters for the 6am start and we managed to finish up with eight. To my mind an acceptable loss rate on a ride like this!

Did I mention it was relatively cool? Well, this didn't last long. We were all drenched with sweat at the end of the first single track, just ten minutes into the day! It was hot, hot, HOT on sunday. I personally downed at least four litres of water laced with Endura and Nuuns.

Anyway, enough from me. You can get a feel for what it is all about here......I was toast by the time we hit is going to be a BIG ride.

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