Saturday, October 13, 2018


I am now 12 days into my Great Cycle challenge and I have been really struggling for motivation to do my nominated kilometres. 1000km isn’t anything to sneeze at but by the same token, I knocked out 1600km last October, rather effortlessly, for this same great cause. (Well, maybe it wasn’t effortlessly but I can’t remember it being this hard).

Redland Bay

I am coming off the back of a vicious bout of man flu and I am trying to grab easy kilometres by riding my road bike. This might explain why I am lacking some motivation but worryingly, I just haven’t felt like riding my bike. Yesterday I faffed around most of the day until it rained (which I knew was coming) and then told myself “well, you can’t ride now”, letting myself off the hook but putting myself a further 33km behind schedule.

Today sees me needing 396km in the bag but I am languishing on 279km. 
Pardon my French but - Fuck!

What is wrong with me? I’m just not enjoying this like I normally would. I really hate saying I will do something and not following through. But following that line of thinking is making it feel like work, not pleasure.

Options when on the road.....

I am off at work again today. Up at 3am, at least it was an easy day (a mere 8 hours for a change) and I decided to just go “meh” on the Great Cycle Challenge. If I manage the kilometres good-o, but if I don’t? Well, tough titties. I will continue to ride as much as I can but if I have to use a gym bike to keep my training on track and my motivation up, so be it. If you would like to help pump up my motivation feel free to donate a little here.

Maybe I didn’t mention a little ride I have my eyes on in late November.......... 
Time for an uppercut!



  1. I'll deliver your upper cut in person at Phillip Island in 2 weeks bro. heh heh

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Geoff. Yes, that’s the plan but I am very undertrained for it. I have the time off for a fast run but I will make the call about a week out because I don’t think I have the fitness for a fast run.


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