Tuesday, October 2, 2018

New Boots

This adventure bike means that I will be heading off the beaten track a bit more. I really don't want to wreck my road riding gear by taking it into the dirt and anyway, bits of that kit are designed for off road use anyway.

Take my boots for example. 
My road boots are Sidi  Vertigos that I bought way back here. They are great on the road bike but they will get trashed in the bush. I began looking for some suitable replacements about a month ago. I wanted something that could be walked in, as well as providing decent protection. Waterproof would be nice but at the end of the day, nothing is truly waterproof so that wasn't a deal breaker.
I liked the look of the Forma Adventure boots but couldn't find any to try on locally(or at the right price).

Forma Adventure boot.

 I did find an end of stock TCX Track boot that was at a good price at one of the local bike shops. It was my size but I wanted one size larger to allow for foot sewlling when my feet get hot (because it will get hot in Oz) so I left them be.

TCX Track boot

I tried on some AlpineStar Corizal boots at the AMA Warehouse and liked the fit, style and the way the buckles latched but they didn't have the right size either.
Searching around the interwebs I found a pair in the size I needed (US10) at BikeBiz in Sydney (at a much cheaper price too!). A few clicks of a keyboard and they were winging their way north to me.

First wear of the boots was on last week's Tenterfield ride.

AlpineStars Corizal boots.

This is what they look like after two days riding.

Good looking(IMHO) and comfortable almost right away.

 Initially, they were very stiff which made it hard to brake or change gear but they very quickly softened to allow the right amount of movement. Hopefully this doesn't mean they won't have enough ankle protection but in saying that, I didn't want a pair of MX boots that would be all protection and no walking comfort. There is always compromise somewhere if you want them to be real world comfortable.

Not sure about the waterproof abilities yet as this wasn't really very testing weather, nor was the crossing deep. My feet felt nice and cool though as the water splashed the boots.

I was a smidge nervous about going AlpineStars again as the last pair of AlpineStars road boots I had (admittedly, bought in 1998), the sole came off. So did the sole of my Bro's last pair of AlpineStars. His were of similar vintage (SMX I think) so lets hope in the  last decade and a half  er, TWO DECADES (shit has it been that long?!!) their quality has improved somewhat.
I will keep you updated on what these boots are like in the long run.

The next bit of kit I want is a well ventilated adventure jacket/suit. My RST suit, being black, is just too hot to stand around in and shows the dust terribly. I suddenly understand why most of the adventure suits are some form of browny-beige! Watch this space as I search out a suitable er...suit...but don't expect a BMW product. I don't plan on selling a kidney to buy one.....

I didn't realise it at the time but my last post was the 400th since I started this blog back in 2010! I wonder how many original readers there are? Rarer than Unicorn poo I would imagine!?


Damn! I loved that bike AND those boots!


  1. Hard to think that we been riding 25+ years now, time flies when your having fun as they say.

    Congratulations on the 400 blogs posts, that's a big achievement, most of the those bloggers you spoke of who followed you back then probably gave up long ago with new fads like facebook and instagram coming along. As Warren mentioned in his recent blog that those platforms are lost forever after a few posts they get pushed out never to be seen again, blogs however last for years with plenty of searchable content.

  2. Thanks Bro.
    Yeah, the mountain bikers abandoned the forums en-mass. Now you can't organise anything as they are all fractured and splintered. That will come back to bite them with regards to trails access. I still can't fathom why when I see that Netrider and Adventure Rider are still strong and active on the motorcycling front.

  3. Seriously nice boots Dave - love the colour too. Bit of Snoseal or neatsfoot oil should soften them up and make them easier to clean!

    Congrats on the 400th post mate - great going!

    1. What is this “cleaning” of which you speak?
      Thanks on the posts. I am using the blind perseverance that got me through the TDR and AZTR to press on with the blog, regardless of shallow, fad social media platforms. Not that this means there is anything interesting or enlightening in here. It is just relentless. :)

  4. So only a newbie blogger eh?

    I'm wearing the Formas and had them for probably 5 years. They're not looked after very well and have survived a fair hammering in all seasons. Only time I've had wet feet is when the tide came in over the top of them. Zero issues and reasonably comfy too.

    My Alpine stars road boots are even older and have been sweet as too.

  5. Yep. Just a kid.
    I really liked the look of the Forma boots and they were my number 1 preference but nobody was doing any sort of deals on them. (I hate paying full retail these days)


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