Saturday, February 4, 2012

Part of the Puzzle Solved

It turns out that as I was typing my last blog entry, Mr USPS was winging my new boots to me! These little beauties turned up on Friday.

They were promptly tried on by my 7 year old foot model, who proclaimed them to be cool.

Once I finally got my feet on them, I proclaimed them to be the right size and fit. Perfect! I am pleased with myself as I saved $150AU (about $4000US) by searching around online.

No luck on the jacket front though. Almost before I finished typing the last blog about the gear I was waiting on, I recieved the "we apologise" email to say that the ALPINESTARS T-GP PLUS TEXTILE JACKET YOU ORDERED IS CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER.  Why does the motorcycle industry jerk you around? Why list it for sale if it is on backorder? Why do they type in all CAPs? All the online shops I use for bicycle gear list an expected date for arrival in stock. All three of these motorcycle shops have listed the jacket as in stock, yet all three have sent a similar email quoting a stock arrival time of mid February to mid March. I would rather just have the truth straight up.

Now to try to find a supplier here in Oz.


  1. Those boots are looking pretty stylish. Very nice.

    I had that trouble with finding Rev'it riding pants online a year or so ago. I went to order them and found out a week later that they were unavailable. Same thing, I got an apology email. I finally had to pay more and buy them locally.

  2. Say nice looking boots. They look familiar.....


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