Saturday, January 31, 2015

Training Days

Well, I guess I had better get stuck into some training for this race  Yes, yes I should.

Perth suburb of Peppermint Grove.

I was at a bit of a loss as to what training plan to go with. I have previously employed the "ride my bike heaps because I enjoy it" training regime but I feel this might not be up to scratch for an endeavour such as the Tour Divide....!

I did some formal training this time last year which was meant to be structured around my work commitments. But it wasn't. And it wasn't cheap.

Check my pro set-up. Seriously strangled bottle. It was 38C after all !

So, for this time around I figured that a generic training plan, aimed at an, er-hem, 40+ athlete would be fine. It wouldn't be tailored to my roster but it would cost about 25% of what the supposedly tailored (and wasn't) plan would cost. I could even add a Bikepacking specific plan onto that and I am still 50% ahead.

What did I go with? Well, after some research I came across US coach Lynda Wallenfels via  She is an accomplished coach and has competed in bikepacking races and has won the AZT300 outright in 2011, so she knows bikepacking. She also answers all of my stupid questions via her training forum so that others can learn from our conversations. Likewise, I can glean information from other threads she runs with other trainee riders.

Will it help me? Who knows but I need to have something in place to maximise the returns for all the saddle time that I am putting in while training for this race. Sure I would get better just by riding a LOT, but I did see good gains made in the few months that I followed a structured plan last year. I had strength and I laughed hills in the face. I want me some more of that tonic!

I managed some cross training today with another regular trail care day getting us out to Daisy Hill Forest to tidy up the new trails we built back in October. We had a good roll up and were done by 9am - a new record for us! 

This meant we weren't absolutely flogged-out and could barely stand as has been the case for the last few years after a trail care day. Today we enjoyed standing around, chatting and munching sausage sangers, washed down with Coke. Superb training!

We are off to do some club racing in the morning. By we, I mean the kids. It is round 1 of the Brisbane Sth MTB Club's Summer Cup short course racing series.

 The kids are keen as mustard. And me? Well, I will be dishing out the mustard by working in the BBQ tent! Yep, sticking to the long term plan.......for the moment.

Cheers and thanks for checking in.


  1. At least with all this training you'll be doing your going to have a blast and leave a handsome corpse!

    1. Was the 'maybe' for the handsome comment or the corpse comment?

      Sad thing is whenever I hear/see the word 'training' I think of this old video we saw several years ago. Creepy and odd, but funny on some levels. Once seen it cannot be unseen. At least it is short and under a minute.

    2. Lol. The corpse bit, no chance on the first one.
      Do I really want to see that video? Is it going to ruin me?


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