Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I have been planning another bikepacking trip for a little while now. "Planning" is a very loose term actually. I looked at the map, looked at some other riders GPS tracks, looked at how much time I have and came up with a suitably squiggly line that will be challenging and might be fun.

There will be some tough Hike A Bike in the Christmas Creek area down near the NSW/QLD border which may just prove impossible to lug 20-odd kilograms of bike and gear over. It looks okay on Google Earth (but then so does Mt Everest!) however, the topo map shows some close contour lines which equals HURT.

If I can't manage the H.A.B. section I do have a "Plan B" which involves backtracking somewhat, though the elevation profile on my "Plan B" looks like it will hurt a lot as well.......

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With the Great Cycle Challenge underway, I have been smashing myself up, trying to get back on an even footing with my average kilometres after missing days on the bike due to work. This culminated in an 80km ride yesterday in near record (for this time of the year) heat of 38C(100F) that saw me drag myself home on my lips....which sort of put me off bikepacking today, despite the cooler temperature here today. Still, I have managed 304km(190mi) since Friday so I am ahead of the curve again.

The route I have selected is pretty slim on resupply points and with the heat in mind, water top up was a very important consideration. After much thought on the subject I decided to purchase a Steripen so that I will have drinkable water pretty much anywhere I find a water source. Being a public holiday in Queensland yesterday, I could only find the "Classic" and not the "Adventurer" in stock at the local outdoor shop, so will have to wear that weight penalty.

The good news is that I feel pretty good today and my legs will feel even better tomorrow, when I plan to start pedalling pretty early. You can follow/stalk/ignore my progress via my Spot tracker at the following link. (From the 9th October Australian time.)

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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