Sunday, October 27, 2013

Almost There

Well, October is almost over. With just 4 days to go I am at 938km(586mi) and have raised $1940 for kids cancer research, through the generosity of you guys out there. Thank you!

While I don't think I can wring any more money out of potential supporters (?), I know I can reach my target of  1000km for the month....just. Yes, although I have 4 days to do a measly 62km(39mi) I am working all 4 of those days. That makes it very difficult to get my butt on a bicycle, however even if I have to ride half the night on Thursday night I will make sure there is more than 1000km on the odometer!

There has not been anything much going on this month, what with all the bike cycling cycled, aviation committed and general butt scratching that has been going on. That pretty well filled the month but today we made time to head to the Queensland Museum for a look at a collection of Afghan antiquities that were hidden from the Taliban for 15 years or so. They were then rediscovered in a vault in 2003. Some of the pieces are dated at 2500BC and the kids had a great time going through the exhibits.

Probably my favourite piece in the museum was right inside the entrance. No surprise really, but it was Bert Hinkler's original Avro Avian which he flew SOLO from England to Australia back in 1928. Not the first to fly the route, but the first to do it solo in a single engine aeroplane. Back in the day Bert was in the company of Kingsford-Smith and Lindberg for the scale of his achievement. Very rarefied company indeed.

We really don't know how lucky we are here in Brisbane to have the original Avro Avian AND the original Southern Cross on public display. If these were U.S. relics, they would be hanging in the Smithsonian with Lindberg's Spirit of St Louis.

Ok. See you on the other side of the 1000k barrier.


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  1. Congrats on the fundraiser and making it to 1k miles and 2k dollars. Such a good cause.


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