Monday, March 11, 2013

Low Flying

Not much happening around here this week. Another solid week of work left me feeling pretty run down by Friday and sure enough I have developed a bout of the dreaded "Man Flu". I am hoping it isn't a particularly virulent strain but am taking it easy in case I have the version that floored a mate a few weeks ago.

So, how do you take it easy when "infected?" By taking a morning off trail building and rolling along behind an excited bunch of 8 to 12 year old kids on muddy trails.

Not single track, just fire roads but it was still enjoyable.

While I wasn't trail building this morning I was still keen to see what the lads had done so we headed the kids ride across to Cornubia to check on the progress and help with the sausage sandwiches.

The main gully crossing is a very special area. We are trying our hardest to cross it with absolute minimum impact, only making the trail corridor just as wide as it needs to be.(above) Looking left from this spot you see a beautiful moss covered stream bed and fern laden gully.

This trail will allow riders and walkers alike to better appreciate the environment we actually live in.

The kids thought it was pretty cool too judging by the smiles on their faces as they inspected the work.

There were quite a few new faces in the group which was great to see. Ash, from Nerang, came along to lend a hand and share his experience. He added some nice rock armouring to the gully crossings.

Derek is working on a technical trail feature right at the start of the trail. This trail "qualifier" will sort the men from the single speeders.....

We soon got onto the serious business of eating sausage sandwiches at the BBQ. Once again the kids were a great help in this area!

Oh, and the low flying part? Watch this snippet from the British Superbike Series. Anyone that has ridden one of these road racing monsters knows how stupidly impossible this is.....

Miss-almost-11 got to ride her new bike today. Someone was pretty pleased with herself about it too!

Cheers and thanks for checking in.

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