Saturday, March 2, 2013

Looking For A Roof Top.....

It is Saturday today so guess what I did? Yup. Went and dug dirt again. Was it wet? Yes, wetter than it has been in the past 5 weeks and THAT is saying something.

We had another good turn out of trail diggers in the face of much more rain. I was truly surprised that the dozen or so guys (still no persons of the fairer sex) turned up despite the inability to see where the ground ended and the sky begun this morning!

Significantly, we hit the 300 hour mark with volunteer hours this morning! This is only week 5 of the build so the volunteer hours are simply awesome so far. I personally think it really shows in the quality of the trail so far. Sure, there are a few parts that need "tweeking", but these are far less than any trail we have built so far.

Here is a section of benching that we time-lapsed today. I am sure my Go Pro battery is lasting less and less. It only lasted about 45 minutes here, but you get the idea. Does my bum look big in this.....?

I must thank many of Brisbane's mountain bikers for answering the call for trail building and showing up despite the atrocious conditions. The sausage sandwiches afterwards must be bloody good to keep you guys turning up each week!

Thanks to Andrew for my sweet SEQTA T-shirts. I can't wait to gain 10kg(22lb) so I can do them justice!(just kidding mate!)

The downside to all of this 'effing rain is that we can't do anything. No mountain biking, no road biking and definitely no R1, with a bald rear tyre, riding! It has basically gone from drought conditions up until the 25th of January to non-stop rain for the last 5 weeks! FFS!

It is now 10pm local time and the rainfall chart since 9am tells a story....of today. The last 5 weeks have been very, very similar so you can just imagine how much rain we have had! We are about where the "N" is in Logan, just to the north of the centre. (Hint: 25mm = 1 inch) Also, as a point of interest for my foreign readers, Cape Byron at the bottom is the most easterly point on the Australian mainland.

So...............what to do.................?

Grab an AK-47 and find a rooftop..............?

Luckily for all of us Australian gun laws are pretty tight! I need to go for a ride!!!!



  1. Rogey's song "Playing in the mud" keeps going through my head after reading of your trail building in the wet.

    Funny how you guys are getting so much rain and here in Oregon we are way below our rainfall for this time of year. We should have had flooding in February but there wasn't enough rain in january or February.

    You might have to take up gaming and find a virtual rooftop.

  2. Climate change? Of course its our fault for wanting cheap rubbish from China or for riding 1000cc motorcycles when we could have got around on a Honda Cub quite nicely.
    I like the virtual rooftop idea.....damn addictive those games though.


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