Monday, March 18, 2013

A Day In The Sun

Sunshine is finally bathing South East Queensland again and I have been out working on getting more than my fair share.

I managed a ride on Sunday morning with Dean0 that worked some of the kinks out of my arms and legs that were put in there on Saturday morning at trail care. That ride was much needed. Thanks mate.

On Saturday it had been basically just Neil and I absolutely burying ourselves with what felt like countless barrow loads of rock and gravel to keep the berm builder's efforts fed. 

Neil had the good sense to go home at 9am and afterward I was wasted for the rest of Saturday. I even suffered the embarrassing forearm cramps later at home while trying to wash my hair. And its not like washing my hair is very taxing on my strength any more!

The trail is looking awesome and you can't really blame people for wanting to go for a ride with such magnificent weather after the last 6-7 weeks of rubbish we have been dealt. Although, that rain is why the trail is looking so awesome, actually.

Thanks to the regulars again this morning. You know who you are. 

Anyway, today I got to go ride at Old Hidden Vale with Steve. I hadn't been out there since the Epic last year and I haven't ridden with Steve for about that long as well, so it was great to catch up while pedalling.

This was a cunning recon run of the 24 hour race that will be held on Easter Saturday, starting at midday. Well, race for some, camping trip with a long ride in it for me....... :-)

I took both my gps units today as I am wanting to "get to know" the eTrex 30 that I was given for Christmas before I really need to know how to use it. You would reckon that with 3 gps units between us we would be sorted for navigation. However, I failed to take note of the direction of travel that the race would take when I downloaded a .gpx course and with the race route criss-crossing upon itself several times we were at a bit of a loss to ride the track as it was intended. 

Not to worry though, we just back tracked sections, went left when we should have gone right and generally muddled our way along at least every track in the race course. Sometimes twice. Beats working!

We stopped heaps to chat, eat and generally enjoy the day. It was a cracker of a day too with temperatures in the mid 20s C and a gentle breeze. The trails were totally dry and actually almost dusty. Go figure!

I decided that not riding single speed without suspension was a good call! Even riding hard tail will be challenging enough over a 24 hour period! I think I will take my 120mm (5in) travel dual suspension bike for "just in case". Having said that, I plan on taking lots of breaks, sleeping at night and generally trying to have fun and not just destroy myself. Although, avoiding the heat and riding in the cool of night might be a good strategy as long as I don't bin it hurtling down "Rock Bottom" trail.

Either way, it is going to be a great weekend to camp with the countryside looking so green and lush. The kids get to do a 24 minute race as well and Lucy will get to be my "pit crew". She has remembered this from two years ago when we visited the last 24hr posing as tourists and is suitably excited. That may wane quickly once the glamour wears off....

Hope she isn't disappointed when a crusty, smelly, grumpy, never-was-let-alone-has-been rolls into the pits looking for food and water. 

Bring it on!



  1. Sure am glad to hear you are receiving sunshine. Much deserved after all that rain!!

  2. Cool pics mate, we could do with some of your crap weather, drought is bad here at the moment. I think our weather is becoming more like yours and yours is more like Indonesia!

    1. Yeah, sounds pretty bad over there Rog. I heard last week that Willington only had about 18 days water supply remaining. They will just have to drink beer and not wash!


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