Friday, December 28, 2012

What Happened To Xmas?

Today was Christmas day for us here in Oztrailia. I hope you had a good one and the fat man in red was kind to you. My day started at 5am (Brisbane time) in Sydney. I was lucky enough to watch my kids tearing into some gifts that included a new bike for the youngest.

I managed to do ok as well with some new electronics, but by 7am I was on the way to the airport for my commute to Brisbane to begin work for the day. Things went a bit pear shaped somewhere here and after a soap opera like plot line I lobbed in Brisbane 1 and a 1/2 hours late for work!

 Well, we (um, crewing) managed to pull a reindeer out of a sack and got the show back on the road eventually. Despite nature's best attempt to foil us we got back into Sydney, found a new mount and speared off toward Perth. Well, we actually speared off toward Melbourne to avoid weather but eventually ended up at the point everyone bought a ticket to. Happy Days! It was by this time 11:30pm Sydney time and so a verry loong day out.

 I would like to put a big SHOUT out to all of the guys and gals who had to be present at the coal face today. Hopefully you managed to enjoy some of the pleasure that many take for granted, but also saw how the other half spends xmas and like me, appreciates what we have. I wish all of my readers (yes, both of you ;-) a great christmas and look forward to another great year ahead.




  1. SOunds like a awesome day Dave! cough cough..merry xmas to you to!

    1. Yeah, thanks Roger. I've had better, but then I've also had worse. Enjoy your trip to the US, you lucky bugger. Merry christmas too.

  2. I guess that makes me your other reader lol. Sounds like you had a crap christmas. Me on the other had a nice relaxing chrissy eating and drinking far to much as usual.

  3. Oh look you have at least 3 readers. Ha ha.

    Sounds like an interesting day. Glad there are adventurous sorts such as yourself to do those types of jobs. Me, I'll hang back at the office and field calls from idiots in jail, of which there were 12 on the answering machine this morning. Oh joy.

    Happy Holidays, Seasons Greeting, Happy New Year, et al to you and your family.

  4. I couldn't put up with those sort of calls. I would end up in there with them when I went nuts! I'm glad to have an outdoor job. Hope your"holidays" are merry.


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