Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bike Is Back

I had a call on Friday to say that my R1 was ready to be picked up after the leaking battery incident, so off to the local Yamaha dealer I went.

It certainly was nice to have her home after 7 weeks in the shop. Once in the shed a closer inspection of the swingarm revealed a very nice respray job.

With the bike approaching 30 000km (18 750mi) I decided to replace the swingarm bearings as well as the chain and sprockets while she was away in a disassembled state. I could feel a much lower resistance from the chain as I pushed the bike into the shed.  Unless I have beefed up a bit?

Yes, I pushed it because there was no way I was putting another one of those RoadStar batteries in my bike! I was happy to wait for something else to come back into stock.

Interestingly, the previous week I had given the old battery that wouldn't start the bike over 3 months ago to a mate. He has one of these fancy C Tech chargers and put the battery on the "recondition cycle" over night. I fitted the battery to the bike and it started it straight up! This from a battery that wouldn't start the bike 3 months ago after spending all night on my old school charger!

I used the old battery to ride back to the bike shop the next day to pick up the new one. It is a Lithium-Ion jobby, looks like a Lego block and is featherweight. I thought I might throw it on the cook's best kitchen scale to see what the difference actually was between the new and old.

984grams = 2lbs

---- = TOO HEAVY!

So it was off to the bathroom scale with the old lead-acid battery. It proved to be too light to get a measurement. By standing on the scale with and without the Exide, I was able to get a weight of 3.8 to 3.9kg (8.58lb)! Over 4 times the weight of the new battery! Woo Hoo, I can eat more pies and that can't be a bad thing!?!

It does look like it would suit a Kawasaki a little more than my Yammi, but who but the most farkle obsessed owner would be worried about the colour match?

 At least it can't spill sulphuric acid all over my bike. Everything else is going to lithium batteries and it comes with a 5 year warranty so I guess I will see how it goes.

Now to find time for some of this.......


  1. Hooray to have the bike back with a new battery.

    Now you need to squeeze in some riding time.

    1. Yes. But I am of to the land of Roger and Geoff again. A weeks mountainbiking in Rotorua beckons (and is paid for) so the motorbicycling will have to wait another week or two.


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