Friday, October 5, 2012

Bigger...And Sometimes Better

Well, we handed the RV back to the good folks at Cruise America this morning and we move on to the world of hotels in big cities (sitting in the centre of San Francisco right now).

While staying in RV parks throughout the Southwest and Yellowstone we saw some pretty impressive touring set-ups. Busses that would hold 60 people ordinarily were palaces on wheels. For even more room (to swing that cat) they also had slide-outs.

To get around town, these buses towed anything from a tiny Honda Hatch, to the biggest that I saw, an H3 Hummer! 

Unfortunately I didn't think to photograph these monsters until the last few days. 

Then, on Tuesday, I saw the ultimate touring set-up. 

This guy was a flippin' genuius that no doubt came up with this idea while shooting the breeze over a few beers with some mates. 

There is absolutely no chance that he will have kids loudly fighting over a lolly to distract his Zen....................

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