Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Busy Weekend

This weekend was a very full one.

Saturday morning was another trail care day on the Nirvana trail and we had a pretty good turn out of volunteers. The guys from For The Riders were out in force to help us build some quality rock features. Unfortunately for us, they have a bike shop to run so they had to bail out after two hours. Huge kudos to all of the guys though. They punched out a couple of hours of solid trail building, then had to bust their arses to get to the shop on time. Thanks guys. Thats above and beyond the call.

This left just five of us to try to complete the alloted work. To say this was a bridge too far would be an accurate assessment. Pushing wheelbarrows of rock and blue metal half a kilometre along Daisy Hill's most technical track was gut busting work. Then we were down to four. I had been planning on taking it easy with the wheel barrows this weekend because I was racing the single speed on Sunday. That plan soon was out the window!

We managed to finish all of our planned work, bar one section which we will have to come back to.

It was four very knackered and thirsty amigos that dragged their butts up the trail for a few sausage sangers and a cold drink at midday. Apart from the grub all I wanted to do was to lie down on the ground as I didn't have the core strength remaining to sit. The other guys were all absolutely shagged as well. I have never seen them so tired and it seemed, disheartened(my opinion only). We can't carry on doing this work with so little help, hoping that the word will spread. Something has to give.

After a great nights sleep I was up bright and early Sunday to prepare for the Karingal 4 Hour race. Well, I slept well but I wasn't feeling too much like racing. My knees were so sore from yesterdays wheel barrow shenanigans that I could barely walk down stairs. I moped around for a while so that breakfast had time to kick in and slowly my interest level picked up. Throwing the single speed and some water bottles in the car it was time for the short drive out to Karingal.

Well, in short I was bloody glad I did. The 25mm (1in) of rain we had overnight was just what the Race Director ordered! The trail was in primo condition with no mud, just hero dirt everywhere.

Knowing my lap times from previous years I was hoping for 7 laps today. I started steadily, trying to keep my heart rate low. Stopping at my "camp" after lap one for more water and a bite to eat helped with this slow and steady philosopy. I strung laps 2 and 3 together without a break. Prior to lap 4 I topped up with water and food again. While I didn't feel like eating I forced myself so as to keep the system going.

With an hour to go I thought "well, that means just two more laps". To my surprise, I managed to get two more laps in before the 4 hour time limit was up! So, after a drink and further food I headed out for a leisurely last lap. All race long the dynamic duo of Sara and Karen were cheering the riders on and now on the last lap they were handing out shots of beer. I oblidged them by downing a couple before the final blast down to the line. Thanks ladies!

At the finish line I honestly felt I had a few more laps in my legs, just not at anything like race pace. In the end I managed to punch out 9 laps which was waaay better then I was expecting for the day. That worked out to 60km (38mi) and 1800m (5900ft) of climbing. Woo Hoo!

As far as results go, I maintained my standing in the world of MTBing. Last in single speed category! If I was in Sport Category I would have won it by a lap. Man, I'm getting sick of being bloody ordinary on a mountain bike!

But I had a hell of a lot of fun. The track was in the best condition I have ever seen it and the nice cool weather was a godsend. Sorry, no photos as I was solo today. 

A huge thanks must go to the members of the South Brisbane Mountain Bike Club that didn't get to race, who gave their time so that the rest of us could enjoy the day. Your efforts are valued only just behind the two champion girls handing out free beer!

Cheers.....I need a sleep.

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