Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Testing The Waters

An acquaintance that helped massively during the construction of Wallum Froglet has proposed a mountain bike ride that takes in ALL of the single track in Daisy Hill, Cornubia and Bayview. This sounds like a heck of a challenge and will potentially kick some attendees arses!

So in the interest of self preservation I thought that I should see what it feels like to ride all of the single track in Cornubia and Daisy Hill.

I had some company for the Cornubia section of the ride, with Owen coming along for a pedal.

After Nirvana we bombed down Trail 9, a trail that I hardly ever ride. Mainly because it goes nowhere and you have a solid climb to get out again. But today I had to suck it up on my own as this is where Owen bailed out to head for home.

As I crested the hill and was about to dive down Turning Japanese it began to sprinkle with rain. Not heavily, just enough to make the ground nice and grippy. And the wood slippery....best to take it easy

I was trying to head in a clockwise direction and take in the trails with minimal backtracking. There would be plenty of k's without too much backtracking!

A few more showers passed through during the ride but nothing that would make the trails unrideable. Damn. I was going to have to keep going!

I must say that I was pleased to finally have all of the Daisy Hill trails under my wheels and be heading toward home. My legs were definitely starting to feel the ride. I had neglected to take much in the way of food with me and was paying for this folly now.

The final trail out to West Mt Cotton rd was painful. My legs were toast, my butt was sore and the trail was actually quite overgrown, with a few trees down across it necessitating some climbing over or under these obstructions. Actually, it was nice to get off the bike.

Was I happy to roll out of the bush, onto the road and grind my way home? Actually, hell yeah! I felt much worse than I did last weekend when Dean and I did 115km. I am not sure if this is because of my poor calorie intake(which was almost perfect last weekend) or if it was the fact that this ride was purely single track.

The stats for the day are laid out below. Man, that was a tough 48ish km/30mi. I say ..ish because the gps doesn't calculate the correct distance in tight single track. It underestimates the distance becase it only records when a parameter changes, so cuts a metre off here and there in corners. On a ride like this it might miss as much as 1km/.625mi. Not much if you are on a motorcycle but plenty when you are crawling home on your lips!

Adding in Bayview will see another 16km/10mi added to the ride just to get to Bayview and back. Then adding in the trails down there will see this ride not too far short of an Epic!

Bring a Vegemite sandwich folks...and taxi fare.....

On another note, it is the second anniversary of A View From Above. Yep, two years ago I was inspired enough by other blogs I was reading to have a go at it myself. I would just like to say thanks to you, the readers who have encouraged me with comments.....or stony silence when appropriate!

I am looking forward to "living the dream" for a long time yet and hopefully sharing my adventures here in the blogsphere...possibly with only the odd temper tantrum seeing as I am in the terrible twos now. ;)



  1. Congrats on two years for your blog Dave.

    Oh, and reading about your single track adventures in the above post makes my legs hurt. Also makes me think I'm out of shape......

    1. Thanks. I have been having fun writing here. It sort of helps motivate me to do stuff which in turn provides fodder for the blog. Some may say a vicious circle. I prefer to think of it as a positive circuit.

    2. Oh. My legs hurt...and my back...and my shoulders...and my toe....maybe delayed reaction from the weekend before?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Neil. It is frightening to see how fast time goes by.

  3. Two years already, gee that's gone really fast. Good blogging by the way. Only thing I can add is more motorcycle content please.
    Oh and that exhaust pipe will be $100 thanks. Heh heh.

    1. I was thinking the same thing...about the content, not the $100! What pipe?


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