Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Soreness

I have been savouring the slight soreness in my legs yesterday and today.

Like the song says, it really does "hurt so good" and the feeling of achievement is becoming intertwined with slightly sore legs! Good associations, I think?!

The last week to Sunday actually turned into a 300km/188mi week! I suprised myself when I noticed because with all of my competing interests this year I have been lucky to tally up 200km/125mi a month.

What was even more suprising and pleasing was that the recovery ride I planned today kept getting lengthened, as my legs felt strong, my backside felt fine and it was a beautiful day again here in South East Queensland. I just wanted to roll on and on....

Some others no doubt enjoying some sweet soreness are Jason English and Jess Douglass. Respectively, they are the Kings of the Universe! Mens and womens World Champion at the Solo 24 hour MTB champs in Italy overnight.

Our own Matt Powell, from Brisbane, is the World 24hour Solo Single Speed champion and Rachel Edwards, also from Brisbane, is the 35-39 year old age group World Champion!

Well done to all of the Aussies, but to have four world champions at this discipline? Outstanding toughness!

Must be something in the water......or the fact that they all have blogs.....?

All of the results here.

1 comment:

  1. Feel the burn......

    I bet that recovery ride kept you from getting any more sore. It is awesome that you could turn around and ride again the next day.

    Good job - to you and your fellow Aussies.


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