Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Build it and they will come

It has been far too wet to ride off road here in south east Queensland for the last few weeks. The next best thing is to get out into Cornubia Forest and help build some of the trail network that has recently been approved by Logan City Council.

This first new trail has unofficially been called Donkey Kong. Hey, we need to call it something so we all know what trail we are talking about! I must admit to not really remembering what Donkey Kong, the 70s/80s game was about, except for the angry ape throwing barrels. No apes or barrels spotted so far in there. Well, no barrels anyway. There are however some stunning little vistas from the higher ridges.

To give you, the potential rider/walker/runner an overview of what to expect, the trail starts out quite business-like in that it needs to gain altitude so as to be able to traverse the higher slopes at acceptable angles. This means some leg work will be required in the first five hundred metres or so. Then as we approach the higher ground we have incorporated a few flat rest sections which will be finished off with a dilemma section. The dilemma will be to either watch the trail or to look down to the east and take in the forest view! Safety first or daydream? You decide. Once you reach the top you will have travelled about 1.3 km and climbed approximately 150m. Pay your dues going up............grin like an idiot (ok, talking about myself here) going back down.

Of course all of this is but a glint in the eye of a few dedicated trial builders and the LCC officials at the moment.......................but it is growing, slowly..............I helped grow about fifty metres of it on monday morning.
After...2 hours in the outdoors.

The trail is skipping ahead as difficult pinches are approached and crossed. We are waiting for the heavy materials such as recycled wooden bollards and concrete posts to arrive so we can turn these tough sections into properly built, benched trail supported by retaining walls that will stand the test of time.

Look out on MTB Dirt and other media for a trail building day. While not set in stone yet, when these days come around it will be a great opportunity to come along and get your hands a little dirty. The satisfaction of riding trail that you have built with your own hands is highly underrated! Who knows, we may be able to organise a BBQ and cool drink afterwards ;)

For another perspective on the trails, check out Jimmy's Blog.


  1. Hey Dave, nice trail work. That's 50 metres you'll enjoy riding every time.

    I'd be keen to hear when the trail building is happening next.


  2. Good Post Dave! True mountainbikers pitch in and help keep the trails fun to ride. Its one of them unwritten rules.

  3. I will keep you posted Floody. Wish I could chuck my job and play in the dirt more often!


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