Thursday, November 18, 2010

The NEW wheels on the bike go round and round!!

I managed to get out for a 6km ride this morning as part of some trail maintenance duties here in Cornubia Forest. My first impressions of the new wheel set is how light the steering feels now! I didn't think it would be so noticable but I guess the laws of physics are pretty rigid. As a test, the next time you have your front wheel out of your bike grab it by the axle, give it a gentle spin then walk around changing directions as you go. Notice the force on your hands? The faster it spins, the stronger that gyroscopic effect. If the wheels are lighter, less force is required to change direction!

The second thing I noticed is how strong the wheels feel. Zero flex so far. I was running a bit much air pressure to start with (about 30psi) which I dropped to about 20-25psi on the trail and the grip level was impressive especially as it was a little wet this morning.

I am not really sure how they feel for climbing yet. Although I climbed about 350m, I am still feeling pretty weak from more "man flu" and will reserve judgement on their climbability until another day.

Very pleased with myself, I must say!

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